About Viafoura

The first question we always hear is “What does Viafoura mean?”. We’re glad you asked. The heart of what we do stems directly from our company name.

Viafoura’s mission is to elevate the quality and monetize conversations on the internet.

Our technology has been designed to accomplish this task for media companies. Our easy to install plugins enable social login, commenting, content discovery and gamification as a way to gain deeper user insight. This data increases monetization opportunities in a variety of ways such as increased ad revenues and better informed content creation that keeps users engaged.

Core Values

  1. Be responsive to clients
  2. Design for function and ease-of-use
  3. Develop with quality, reliability and, scalability
  4. Work with only passionate people
  5. Never follow - reward innovation and creativity

Jesse Moeinifar - Founder & CEO

@JesseMoeinifar   |   LinkedIn

Jesse is an entrepreneur and business development executive whose string of successes spans a wide range of industries, from digital media to real estate to investment banking.

As managing partner of an investment firm, Jesse assembled and managed a team of professionals to handle acquisition, sales and marketing. With $4.4-million in profits in its first fiscal year of operations, his model surpassed sales targets and proved to be an effective structure.

Jesse is frequently sought after speaker and expert. Recent media appearances include CBC Radio, CBC Television, and features in National Post, Financial Post, and The Toronto Star. Recent conference appearances include Canada 3.0 and the Banff Venture Forum.

Jesse is also an accomplished high altitude mountaineer. He holds a 100% success record of 12 of the world’s most daring summits. He has yet to be defeated, and will feed off of this when he takes on Mount Everest.

Ali Ghafour - Founder & VP Client Success

@AliGhafour   |   LinkedIn

Ali is a veteran of the digital media industry with over 15-years of experience designing, developing and scaling web applications in the financial services, private education and enterprise software industries.

Before co-founding Viafoura, Ali managed a thriving interactive agency that served Fortune 500 clients. He also served as IT manager of an online education company during a crucial growth phase, ensuring their systems which spanned over three countries were always up and always working.

Ali was on the Canadian National Taekwondo team for five years and competed at three World Championships, as well as the 2007 Pan Am Games. He finished in the Top 4 to be chosen to compete at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. On his own time, he coaches students who want to become future Olympic champions, teaching them both the physical and mental aspects of sport and how to implement these skills into everyday practices.

Ali studied computer science at the University of Toronto.

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