December 19, 2012

Behold: Viafoura’s New REST API

REST API Screenshot

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Viafoura is proud to announce the release of our new REST API. The result of 7 weeks of development, a pile of research and an immense amount of sweat, the new API has already achieved a 90% increase in development efficiency.

We built the API as much for our clients as our internal development team. Our clients, large media companies such as Hearst and Transcontinental, need to more easily develop custom features on top of our audience engagement and monetization platform. By making our platform easier to deploy and customize, Viafoura has saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in developer hours. This further extends our commitment to provide the lowest total cost of ownership in our category.

Correspondingly, the new API allows our internal development team to increase efficiency. We’re pleased to report that our team has taken to the new API by storm, already pushing new releases in record time.

APIs are an increasingly crucial part of platform technology businesses like Viafoura. As we studied APIs across the Web, searching for best practices, we were stunned to find so few examples of strong REST implementation. Even major social networks release shoddy API code and out-of-date, sometimes confusing documentation. We decided to develop an API that would set a new standard for REST deployment and support.

“We understand that enterprises all need API access, which is an increasingly crucial part of any modern platform technology. Viafoura is no exception,” said Ali Ghafour, our CTO. “As we began the architecture of our API, we wanted to satisfy three needs: Make it easy to work with, document it well and use best practices. We are the primary users of our own API, so we have to ensure that documentation is up to date and the API is easy to develop on. As for best practices, we played with the most used APIs on the internet and took learnings from Apigee to set a standard for a solid RESTful API.”

Leading the API project were Boris Kuzmanovic, Lead Architect, Mark Rose, Senior Developer, and Simon Jung, Senior Front-end Developer. “Given how ambitious our vision for the API was, we couldn’t treat it like a side project,” said Boris Kuzmanovic. “We approached the project as we would a major feature release, and devoted considerable resources to its creation.”


  • Far more efficient; 70% less code
  • 90% faster feature deployment; now a matter of days as opposed to weeks
  • Industry-leading API documentation
  • API documentation allows developers to test REST calls by accessing a live demo site
  • Soon adding code samples for Ruby, PHP and Python

Along with the API, we are also excited to unveil, a site that gives our clients a real-time view of the health of our administrator website, HTTP, and API. It monitors such metrics as performance and availability status, load times (measured in milliseconds) and system uptime.

“Our new Viafoura Status website gives our clients even deeper insight into the performance of our platform,” said Jesse Moeinifar, our CEO. “It’s also a way of walking our talk about performance. By publishing load times and system uptime, we’re showing our clients just how reliable our technology is.”


R.E.S.T. stands for Representational State Transfer, which, in layman terms, is an architectural style built on principles germane to the World Wide Web. This means designing a web service using basic HTTP methods such as post, get, put and delete, as opposed to defining each action by its end-point, a far less efficient yet very common practice. (Here’s a sampling of more thorough explanations of REST from Wikipedia, StackOverflow, and YouTube.)





API Screenshot Homepage

Above: Homepage of

Above: Social Plugins Section

Above: REST API Response Format


Viafoura is an audience engagement and monetization platform for premiere online publishers. Build a strong and active community around your content with our leading multimedia commenting and community social plugins. Clients include Hearst, Torstar Digital, Transcontinental Media, and many other leading media companies.

To learn more about our technology, visit the product tour section of our website.



Chris Advansun
Director of Marketing, Viafoura
chris [at] viafoura [dot] com


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