April 30-May 2, 2017
We’re heading to News Orleans to discuss growing audience and revenue.

Blog Digest: Get an A+ in Audience Development

The days are getting shorter, the kids have gone back to school, and it’s back to basics.

From webinars, events, and contests – you’ll be sure to get an A+ in audience development with our fall checklist:

Live Webinar: Creating Deeper Connections

Ready to unlock the potential of your first-party data and access powerful audience insights? Save your spot for October 12 to learn more. RSVP Now

Industry Event: Meet us at #ONA16

We’re heading to Denver, Colorado (September 15-17) to connect with the best in digital media. If you plan to be there too, drop by the Hydration Lounge to get your fruit infused water bottle, learn more about our Twitter contest, and connect with a Viafoura Audience Development Strategist.

Not in the cards for you this year? Stay tuned for a post event roundup on our blog.

Contest: What Does Community Moderation Mean to You?

How does your company define community moderation? Take this 8-second survey for your chance to win a Pebble Time 2 smartwatch!

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Blog Digest: Engagement Edition

What’s new with Viafoura?

New Look. New Tools. A More Powerful Platform.

We’ve rolled out a new logo and website to embody the evolution of our brand and platform. To better reflect where Viafoura is now and where we are going, we’re excited to share with you this announcement.

But one thing hasn’t changed – we’re still serving up everything you love, all in one place.

Here’s a recap on the latest in audience engagement from our blog:

New Engagement Tools: Power Onsite Social Networks

We’ve got the tools to increase on-site interactions and grow your audience like you’ve never seen before.

Download the Report: The Business Case for Engagement

What’s the secret to converting site visitors into loyal users and subscribers? It’s all about the Ladder of Engagement.

Webinar On Demand: Engaged Journalism with Jake Batsell

Gain fresh insights into the importance of audience engagement from Engaged Journalism author and SMU professor Jake Batsell.

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Event Roundup: Insights from ONA15

#ONA15 provided the opportunity to connectwith digital publishers and industry insiders on the future of publishing and the role technology can play in helping publishers connect with their audiences. We attended some great sessions, connected with like-minds and presented interactive demos,  providing a sneak peak into our real time analytics platform Audience Insights. Overwhelmed by last years response to our unveil and with new solutions to showcase this year, we are looking forward to ONA16 in Colorado.

The Revenue Review: Memberships, Advertising & Events

 It was interesting to note that different types of revenue streams have been adopted in newsrooms to great success in recent times. While the most common monetization method remains advertising, publications are diversifying their portfolios by hosting events and promoting memberships as well.

Joy Robins, SVP of Global Revenue & Strategy at Quartz, spoke about advertising, and the fact that it can still be a very strong contributor to your business. Though she wouldn’t recommend building a publishing business entirely reliant on ads, she laid out four key points that can help you make the most out of your ad space.


  1. Make your own measurements
  2. Don’t compromise quality
  3. Recognize the potential of native ads
  4. Create ads designed for mobile
  5. Make your ads experiences that people want to actually share.

Evan Smith, CEO & Editor in Chief of The Texas Tribune, discussed the great success they had generating revenue through events. He emphasized that the foundation of their business was still quality journalism, and the idea was to monetize and make profitable that endeavour. Smith suggested cultivating an authoritative voice in a field and becoming the go-to source for events in that niche, as the Texas Tribune did in policy and politics. He also viewed events as a great opportunity to promote engaged journalism.


  1. Make events impactful by bringing in decision makers
  2. Make them frequent to gain constant exposure. He suggests holding an average of one in-person event per week for the whole year.
  3. Make the events free for attendees to ensure a good turnout. The Texas Tribune generates over $30 000 per event solely on sponsorships, with the cost of the event averaging $20 000.

Mary Walter-Brown, Publisher/COO at Voice of San Diego, shared insights on membership and how to progress down that funnel. She suggested implementing a centralized tool to understand the full snapshot of your members, what path they take, and how to market to them. She linked the membership journey to the buyer journey and encouraged utilizing dedicated sales and marketing teams to maximize conversions.

If you want to find out more about any of these streams, watch the session in full below:

A Three-Part Plan for Audience Engagement

This presentation was on a topic near and dear to our hearts at Viafoura — audience engagement and analytics. Presented by Greg Emerson of, Carla Zanoni of Wall Street Journal and Alexandra Smith of the Fort Collins Coloradoan, the discussion revolved around what audience engagement and development means in a newsroom setting. Since we spend a large part of our day thinking about this topic, we were eager learn how those in the publishing field were approaching it.


  1. A key issue was the changing roles within a newsroom to address audience engagement. For example, the Social Media Editor position is increasingly turning into a broader Audience Engagement Editor or Manager. This position is often tasked with actively “marketing” stories rather than just hoping people read them.
  2. As with any marketing initiative, goal-setting with pertinent metrics is key to measuring success and opportunities for growth. The trio pointed out that you can’t be and do everything, and suggested focusing on particular strategies in order to see impact.
  3. They felt the core metric of value is engaged time, because it’s more important to get an engaged and loyal reader than one that will bounce and never come back. They followed this up with the point that this traffic data tells you about your audience, and should help shape and define your target audience.
    All three speakers emphasized that your audience is not monolithic entity — analyzing and segmenting your traffic patterns is key to identifying your entire audience.
  4. Pulling actionable data was also a key talking point, and if you’re using third party solutions, then making sure that data is answering more questions than it’s raising. One way to do this is by using actual benchmark information for lookalike stories in the industry.
  5. With respect to social, find the network that works for your niche audience (if you focus on business news, Pinterest might not be a great fit). Also, find a way to add value to the conversation on a topic, don’t just routinely share your stories.
  6. Messaging Apps are gaining in popularity and have high engagement rates (self-serving plug: Viafoura’s Article Share Bar lets you customize sharing in the mobile environment!)

If you’d like to access the full presentation, the slides have been made available here:

Overall, it was a whirlwind few weeks leading up to #ONA15, as well as coming back and sharing our insights with the rest of our team. We had a great time seeing the industry as a whole embracing the importance of content quality and rallying around engagement metrics. We think that’s the key to going above and beyond pageviews and building a valuable and engaged audience. Here’s to looking forward to #ONA16!

We’re Ready for ONA15 in LA, Are You?

What is ONA15?

Every year, the Online News Association (ONA) hosts a gathering of highly engaged digital professionals who are shaping the future of our industry. The event is a three-day bonanza of talks, presentations and demos about the ever-changing techniques and tools being developed for the publishing world. With countless opportunities to speak with like-minded colleagues and clients about best practices, technologies, and the challenges of the digital publishing landscape, the convention is invaluable in forming key professional relationships. For the savvy publisher, editor, writer, or newsroom professional – it is an absolute must-visit.

Last year, ONA14 garnered 1900 digital journalists who travelled to Chicago to take part in the sold-out summit, up from 1500 in 2013. This year the conference (being held in LA from September 24 to 26) is looking to be just as record-breaking. With a packed schedule of speakers, exhibits, and programs, the event promises to deliver inspiring insights.

We are very excited to announce that ONA15 will be our inaugural year at the conference.

Viafoura’s Audience Development Platform at ONA15

As providers of industry leading audience engagement tools, we are eager to attend and meet with our peers, clients, and potential clients to introduce our new Audience Development Platform. An increasingly crowded online publishing space has made understanding the connection between content and audience analytics vital. Very often however, publishers get bogged down with vanity metrics, and are unable to quantify their engagement and growth. We’re here to provide the smart solution to that challenge.

With proven results for major publications such as Hearst, Tribune and CBC, we have what it takes to help you plan your audience development strategies.

We also firmly believe in the entrepreneurial spirit of ONA15 and the values of efficiency, improvement and innovation that the conference promotes. These are some of the cornerstones of our company culture. That’s why we are looking forward to immersing ourselves in the digital environment at ONA15, and ensuring that we always innovate to meet our clients’ opportunities and challenges.

Digital publishing is a changing and evolving industry, and we are a part of it. That’s why we’re going to ONA15, and we hope you are too.

Come out to Midway booth 23 at #ONA15 to talk to us about audience development. We look forward to meeting you!