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Tronc Cements its Commitment to Audience Engagement

tronc-logoLeading publishing company, Tribune Publishing (now tronc), has launched Viafoura Smart automated algorithmic Moderation (SaaM) to support its digital properties. Tribune Publishing’s Director of Product Management highlights that the move is a serious vote of confidence from the company.

SaaM provides 24/7 automated commenting coverage to empower digital publishers and media organizations to automate moderation across owned and social channels. Using artificial intelligence based natural language processing and machine learning, SaaM detects and eliminates trolling, abusive behaviour, and other uncivil comments without the cost and delays of human moderation.

“We count on Viafoura for their proactive approach to improving the quality of comments in our community. SaaM has reduced the workload on our newsroom and moderation staff.”
—Director of Product Management, Tribune Publishing (now tronc)

Human moderators can quarterback SaaM to keep nasty behaviour at bay while still having a human touch to encourage civil and constructive conversations. Tribune Publishing’s Director of Product Management confirms, “SaaM has improved the quality of online conversations by intercepting the kind of counterproductive commenting that hinders our efforts to grow engagement and civil discourse.”

With Viafoura, tronc doesn’t have to worry about the dreaded “garbage removal” exercise and can focus on growing a civil and positive community.