21 Jul Digital Content Producers Should Turn Off Commenting

Have you heard this before: Every digital content producer should have commenting? You may already be a victim of that mentality and have commenting on your site with no rhyme or reason for it. The truth is that enabling commenting on articles can be a valuable engagement asset, but it comes with risks and costs. Risk: the invitation for abusive behaviour and trolls resulting in a negative experience for both journalists and audiences. Cost: The time and money required to moderate your comments instead of attending to more productive tasks. Fearful of the risks and costs, digital publishers are increasingly considering removing commenting from their sites. In some cases, they already have. Viafoura’s Audience Development Platform provides commenting, moderation, and...
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01 May 6 Ways to Build an Online Community

Let’s face it – we live in an age where brands can no longer look at customers as just customers. People who buy your product or service are making their purchasing decisions using a multitude of factors – one of the most important being brand connection. Nowadays, customers are looking for more than just a place to hand-off of their money in exchange for products or services. They want a relationship. They want to like you. They want to engage with you, and that’s why having an online community is so important.You need to make it easier for your customers to connect with you. It’s like going on a blind date. Imagine you’ve been set up with your friend’s old...
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