Audience Engagement.

Increase the value of your audience with Viafoura's proprietary social plugins designed
to increase audience engagement while capturing valuable user data.

Engage Your Audience

You've created content that people want. Now transform your website into a powerful social community where people can interact and engage in conversation about your content.

  • One click social login
  • Multimedia conversations
  • Customizable rewards
  • Social sharing
  • Content Discovery
  • Social Community Plugins
  • Gamification
  • Social Analytics

Build Your Social Community

Identify and highlight the most relevant user-generated content with easy to use social plugins. Add them to individual pages or combine them, to create a powerful community hub where users can converse, share and interact.

Strengthen the bond with your audience.

Proven results

  • 55% increase in comments
  • 75% greater length of visit
  • 41% lift in page views
  • 23% more member sign-ups

Commenting Social Plugin

Top Users Social Plugin

Editors Pick Social Plugin

Most Popular Social Plugin

Content profitability

  • Increased Advertising Revenues

    Social sign in brings a whole new level of insight about your audience. Capture valuable permission based social data from social networks to create more relevant, targeted ads to your audience.

  • A Solid SEO Solution

    Show up higher on search results. All user-generated content is assigned its own unique URL, enabling Google to seamlessly index them for keywords specific to your content.

  • Premium Advertising Inventory

    Advertisers look for opportunities to position their messaging adjacent to relevant and fresh content where they know audience will gravitate to. Ad units can be directly built into social hubs, commenting spaces, and e-mail notifications.

Mobile Compatible

Today's audience is constantly consuming content on the go, so why limit the conversation to just the web? Viafoura's technology is built on responsive design principles that work cross-browser and cross-platform to deliver a consistent social experience.

App Ready & Device Compatible

Viafoura's full suite of social plugins can be easily integrated into any mobile application You can use our pre-built social plugins or tap right into our API no matter what device you're building on.

Simple Integration and Superior Support

So what does it take to add this completely customizable social functionality to your site? Just this:

Ready to Begin?

Engaging & Insightful Conversations.

Viafoura's technology enables meaningful conversations to unfold on your site, naturally.

Multi-Layered, Multimedia Commenting

Commenting with Viafoura brings the power of the social web directly to your website. Visitors can quickly and easily engage in rich multimedia conversations.

  • Image Attachments

    Elevate the value of user comments with Viafoura's easy image attaching. Users spend more time browsing through captivating images.

  • In-Line Video Recording

    Record, preview and post high quality videos. Enhance the quality of the conversations and increases the time visitors spend consuming social content

  • Audio Recording

    Capture the same passion as heard on talk radio with one click audio recording.

  • Text Comments

    Get deep and well thought out text commentary.

  • Multi-threaded layout

    Unique Multi-threaded layout lets conversation occur naturally. Real time dialog is displayed in a clean, easy-to-follow format.

One-Click Social Sharing

With a single click, users can share articles and discussions across their favorite social networks and e-mail. All links shared are designed to bring new users to your site and track sharing patterns.

Spam-Free Conversation

Our smart algorithms block spam and prevent unwanted users from posting again to ensure an advertiser friendly environment.

Simple User Interface

All these features are wrapped up in an elegant and intuitive interface, so anyone can join in the conversation quickly and without confusion.

Ready to engage your community?

A Stronger, More Active Community.

Challenge and entice your users to get involved. Viafoura's reward
mechanics build a fully customizable gamification layer into your community.

Profile Badges

Increase loyalty and drive actions that are closely tied to your core strategic objectives.

Reading, commenting, return visits, social sharing and engaging with other users are results of our proprietary gamification engine designed for ease of use and adoption.

Badge iconography and design are completely customizable to match your site's look and feel.


Viafoura's proprietary algorithms enable users to accumulate points that result in an overall ranking. This public 'competitive' view encourage users to continually engage to gain a better standing.


The social web revolutionized the way we connect online. Viafoura's technology brings these core functions to your online community.

Following Users

Users can view each other's profiles and follow one another to stay up to date. "Followers" receive notifications on the other users' activities in real time.

Following Discussions

Users can follow hot discussion topics and be notified when new comments are added.

Notifications Center

Custom emails notify users of the content that matters most to them. Bring users back to your community on a continuous basis and drive greater loyalty.

User Identity Management

Make it easy for users to navigate across multiple websites in your network. Once logged in, users will have a single profile across all your sites.

Content Rating

Our rating social plugin tool gives you insight about your users by allowing them rate articles, products and even editors.

Ready to reward your users?

Take Control of your Community.

Advanced customized curation and moderation tools give you
complete control of your content and community.

Highlight Relevant and Popular Content

Let Viafoura's platform do the curation for you. Our customizable curation algorithms automatically displays relevant content from deep within article pages and publishes them in content discovery social plugins.

Editor's Picks

Strengthen the relationship with your community. Editors can easily identify valuable user contributions and feature them as “Editor’s Pick”. Users who contribute quality content are rewarded with the exposure.

Automated Discovery

Smart Curation algorithms assess and showcase the most popular and relevant user-generated content.

  • Top Users

    Reward loyal contributors by featuring them as 'Top Users'

  • Top Discussions

    Showcase most talked about content

  • Recent Comments

    Feature the latest comments as they stream in

  • Most Popular Content

    Highlight content most embraced by your community

24/7 Automated Moderation

Viafoura's powerful moderation tools enables editors and content managers to easily monitor and manage community activity from a user-friendly dashboard.

  • Filter irrelevant and offensive content
  • Monitor, flag, suspend, and ban users
  • 24/7 real time automated spam algorithms
  • Remove or promote content from remote using your mobile device without logging into the admin panel
Ready to take control of your community?

Introducing: Your Audience

Shine a light on your audience with powerful analytics and social insight.

Social Login

86% of consumers leave when asked to sign up using traditional registration and 88% of those who do login give inaccurate information.

Put a face to your audience with social login. With support for over 20+ social networks, users can easily login to your website with their favorite social network.

  • Collect and manage rich permission-based user data, with a simple click of a button.
  • Create personalized, meaningful experiences and informed marketing campaigns through a better understanding of your customer.
  • No longer will you need to guess or make assumptions about your online users' interests, motivations and demographics. You'll know with absolute certainty.

Advanced Social Analytics

Make informed decisions by tracking your community and performance metrics with advance social analytics.

Interaction Index

Interaction index measures the overall pulse of your community. This single metric provides a real time snapshot of all interactions (likes, shares, etc) on your site.

Engagement Ratio

Engagement Ratio follows the average number of individual interactions per unique visit.  In one view, you can see your communities engagement level.

Learn More About Your Audience

Easy to Setup, and Always Ready to Help.

Everything you need to get started quickly and easily.

Stress-Free Setup

We take care of all the software upgrades so you always get the latest version of Viafoura delivered directly to you at no cost.

  • Fast, Reliable and Secure Servers

    All data collected is safely stored on cloud-based web servers. Our servers adhere to the highest security standards and are automatically backed up, so you can rest easy knowing your data is safe.

  • Scalable

    Our cloud-based infrastructure is infinitely scalable and highly reliable. Viafoura's technology will never inhibit your company's growth.

  • Content Delivery

    All content on Viafoura's platform is served asynchronously through proximity based systems that activate the closest available network for speedy delivery. Your load time will never be compromised.

Content Management Systems

Viafoura integrates with any content management system currently available. Whether you run Wordpress, Drupal or your own custom CMS, Viafoura can be integrated quickly and easily into any environment.

Ad Networks

Viafoura works with all the popular ad networks for advanced social monetization including: Double click, Adtech, Atlas and 247 Real Media.

Import existing Data

You can import all existing user information including comments to your new Viafoura system - no problem.

Existing Login Integration

Viafoura seamlessly integrates with any Login system with just copying and pasting a few settings. It's that simple. OAuth, Gigya, JanRain (including backplane), Wordpress are just some examples.

Customized Design

Viafoura gives you complete control over the look and feel of your social plugins. Style Viafoura with simple CSS overrides so that all brand guidelines are strictly adhered to.

Support when you need it.

We know the frustration of being on hold or waiting 24 hours for an email response when you need support. We are fully committed to customer support. We have a 1-800 number (1-800-842-6013), system status page, email center and self help support center along with a dedicated account manager for every client.

Ready for an easy setup?

Profitable Publishing

Designed to increase the value and profitability of your website.

Increase Revenues

  • Page Views

    Generate more page views through social content discovery plugins, SEO optimized platform and community social widgets

  • Time

    Increase the time users spend on your site by showcasing curated and relevant content

  • Return Visits

    Increase visitor frequency through email alerts, social sharing, user and conversation following

Targeted Ads With Audience Insight

Improved audience insights provides better monetization. Leverage social data to serve relevant and targeted ads.

Improved SEO Through Organic Search Traffic

Viafoura assigns a unique URL to each piece of user-generated content created by your audience.

  • Search engine indexable content means showing up higher on search results which pulls in new traffic
  • Optimized URLs pull in traffic from social networks so that content is consumed on your site

New Ad Inventory and Sponsorships

Community sections and conversation spaces are bright opportunities for new ad inventory. Serve targeted ads and run custom sponsorships.

Ready to Monetize?

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