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Gain audience insights and access to first-party data to drive better outcomes and make better-informed business decisions

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Audience Insights Dashboard

Keep up with audience content consumption habits and measure the impact engagement has on the metrics that matter. Audience insights capture audience behavior and habits in real time, making visible the impact engagement has on user registrations and activity such as pageviews, attention time, loyalty and reach.

Viafoura Audience Insights Dashboard
Viafoura Data APIs

Data APIs

Gain access to first-party data to drive better outcomes. Real-time Data APIs help you leverage and monetize that data, and dig deeper into the behavior and interests of your core audience. By accessing user, engagement, behavior and preference data — and plugging it into your existing content-, customer- and data-management systems — Data APIs put your data to its fullest use.

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Create a personalized onsite experience to drive engagement, loyalty and trust

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Notifications & News Feed

Enable live coverage of stories and events by publishing a live stream of external and social content

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Real-Time Commenting

Allow real-time conversations to unfold directly on site to create a highly engaged community

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