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Bring Your A(nalytics)-Game with Viafoura Audience Insights

Bring Your A(nalytics)-Game with Viafoura Audience Insights

“Moment-based” metrics like unique users and pageviews fall short in measuring audience engagement.

Now, the rules of engagement and monetization are moving beyond moment-based metrics towards attention-based metrics.

This shift has brought analytics platforms to the forefront to navigate these deep waters.

What’s Trending in Analytics?

Editors and journalists are forced to use a smattering of tools to measure audience engagement, social engagement, and traffic metrics. The current analytics tools (like Google Analytics and Chartbeat) are good analytics tools to understand how your content is performing. But they aren’t enough when it comes to driving out actionable insights.

Why Don’t The Current Tools Cut It?

Here’s the problem: Current tools don’t integrate or have insights into each other’s data.
And in a busy, content-driven world where readers have more options available at their fingertips than ever before, these distinctions could be what’s holding you back from bringing your a-game.

Bring Your A(nalytics)-Game

But what if we told you, we’ve got you covered.

Viafoura Audience Insights fills the gap where other analytical tools fall short. In fact, it’s the only real-time analytics product that uncovers the impact of on-site engagement on attention time and other important KPIs.

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It’s our dedication to tell the complete story that sets us apart. Our integrated platform helps publishers measure the impact and optimize the performance of engagement tools.

How Audience Insights Works


Discover the Impact of Engagement on Attention Time

Attention time is a great indicator of the relevance of your content, as it rewards not just the volume of pageviews on your site today, but also the amount of time users spend engaged with your content.

We factor out the time they spend away from the keyboard, or tabbed away from the page, for the most accurate measurements of engagement.

Looking at attention time allows you to surface not just the story’s number of pageviews, but empowers you to action the stories that are most effective at capturing your audience.

It also provides insights on what traffic (sources) brings in new visitors who wouldn’t typically have come to the site. Leverage this data to build opportunities to convert users into loyal and returning visitors.


Tap into Your Demographics

Find out who’s spending the most time on your site. Understanding your audience demographics allows you to create engaging content for your readers and find relevant advertising that doesn’t feel forced and fits best.

Watch Your Stories Gain Traction in Real-Time

Audience Insights makes it easy to see in real-time what stories are gaining traction, what social networks are successful in driving readers to your site, and how this traffic directly impacts attention time and engagement.

Finally, you can close the loop and see the complete impact of social sharing!


Promote High-Potential Stories with Ease

Predict high-potential stories before they happen and long before they show up in your other dashboards.

Using unique indicators like commenting per minute and the handy historical performance on your content collected so far, you can make strategic decisions in real-time on what stories with potentially high engagement value to promote.


Generate & Download Reports in Seconds

Audience Insights helps compile and provide performance reports on specific sections and articles for a selected time period.

Reports can help you better understand your audience, confirm content and ads that will resonate the most with them, and drive the results you’re looking for.

Take Your Audience Engagement to The Next Level

These analytical tools are all wrapped up neatly in a single user-friendly dashboard, offering an at-a-glance view for publishers.

Capture the full story of engagement by leveraging Audience Insights to gain a top-level view as well as a more granular view of data for single pieces of content. Whether you want to segment your data by time, section, device, geography, or author, you can refine and reflect on these metrics that matter.

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