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The Impact of Audience Engagement

We are often asked how on-site engagement drives KPIs like pageviews, time-spent, click-through rates, and user registration.

So we took a look at the behaviours of millions of users across our network to find out.

The Impact of Engagement on Pageviews, Time-Spent & User Registration

We compared the behaviours of those who visited pages with our engagement tools, and those who did not. The results were striking: those who visited pages with engagement tools produced a 248% lift in weekly pageviews per user and a 364% lift in time-spent on site per week.

Here are the results:

Total Weekly Pageviews / User Total Weekly Attention Time / User
Did not view Comments 2.07 4.07 minutes
Viewed Comments 7.20 18.80 minutes

We also found that over 80% of all user registrations occurred on pages with engagement tools and comments.

In a recent article from Ernst-Jan Pfauth, Co-founder & Publisher, De Correspondent, Pfauth confirms media organizations need to give reader comments a chance (and for real, this time) because it is their duty to drive audience engagement around their content.

The Impact of Moderation on Engagement KPIs

Our Viafoura Engagement Cloud  features a suite of moderation tools aimed at increasing audience engagement and user-generated content. In our recent case study with a world-leading national broadcaster, we reported how Viafoura’s enhanced community and user management features resulted in a 23% decrease in flagging, a 62% increase in likes per user, and most impressively a 34% increase in replies to comments, and a 45% increase in new daily user registrations.

Decrease in Flagging
Increase in likes per user
Increase in replies per user
Increase in new daily registrants

Journalists are also more likely to engage in the comments when it’s more than a garbage removal exercise. A recent study with the Engaging News Project and NICD (National Institute for Civil Discourse) found that when journalists engage in the comments, media organizations can reduce offensive comments by 15%, which drives an increase in audience engagement, time-spent, and user registration.

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