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Viafoura Automated Moderation & Enhanced Community and User Management

Viafoura has developed Automated Moderation and enhanced community and user management features to help media organizations better manage online communities by eliminating trolls and increasing engagement.

More than just blocking vulgar words, Viafoura Automated Moderation and enhanced community and user management features create a safe environment for online conversations and promote higher quality comments and engagement.

“Publishers value their community but are sick and tired of the abusive and negative comments and trolling behaviour that it tends to breed,” says Jesse Moeinifar, Founder and CEO of Viafoura. “Unfortunately, the effort that’s required to cultivate a more positive and inclusive community exceeds the resources that most publishers can devote.”

"Viafoura provides automation and innovative features that save time and money, allowing publishers to focus on growing their community and not just trash removal.”
—Jesse Moeinifar, Founder and CEO, Viafoura

According to a recent study by the Engaging News Project on the topic of civil online discussion, when focus group participants thought that discussion would be civil, they expressed more interest in returning to the website.

Allison Munro, Head of Marketing and Business Development at Viafoura confirms, “It’s important to foster a civil and inclusive community in order to have quality conversations around important topics. Media organizations need to facilitate a positive environment to increase engagement and encourage users to share their different opinions.”

“When conversation is civil, users will return and engagement increases.”
—Allison Munro, Head of Sales & Marketing, Viafoura

“The road to a politer and more welcoming online community begins by removing the trolls while also awarding and commending the best commenters,” says Munro. “The right platform to automatically manage all of this will encourage people to engage with your content and return again. The whole idea is to build a community where people want to spend their time learning and interacting.”

Viafoura Automated Moderation & Enhanced Community and User Management Features

  • Automated Moderation: Using artificial intelligence based natural language processing and machine learning to detect and eliminate harassment, abuse, and other uncivil comments at the source.
  • Community Management: Empower your community to help manage the discourse themselves through flag threshold disabling of comments in addition to user-to-user muting.
  • Email Verification: Validate your users and impede multi-account creation with a sophisticated email verification system.
  • Display Name Moderation: Ensure that the display names on your website are not being used to post objectionable content.
  • Avatar Verification: Prevent obscene or objectionable images from being posted in profile pictures by moderating user profile pictures.
  • User Banning: Allow moderators to give short “time outs” and inform users of why they are being banned to help them improve.
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