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Viafoura Lets Users Comment with Videos

Viafoura: Videos in Comments

Video commenting. That’s right – we offer it.

With all of the recent buzz about Facebook’s video commenting, we just wanted to remind you who did it first! It was Viafoura.

We’re always talking about how comments are the highest form of online engagement. And with Viafoura’s commenting tool, users have the option to engage in the comment sections using text, images, and video.

Why is this noteworthy? Here are a few reasons:

Video Commenting

  • Creates dynamic conversations and personal connections
  • Shortens the distance between commenters and editors/journalists
  • Solves the problem of anonymity by putting a face on people
  • Allows readers to engage in whichever form of communication they want

In a world where the growth of online video creation and consumption is booming and we are becoming increasingly comfortable with sharing videos thanks to platforms like Snapchat, users are more open to sharing videos than ever before.

Studies confirm that this trend in online engagement is here to stay. By 2020, Cisco Visual Networking Index predicts that internet video traffic will represent 82% of all consumer internet traffic (a majority of this coming from mobile). So it’s only natural for videos to move into the commenting realm.

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When a publisher enables video commenting, users can easily reply with:

Two Easy Steps

  • Heading to the post they want to comment on and clicking “Upload Video”
  • Hitting “Submit,” keeping their likes up, and continuing to engage in the conversation

Video commenting offers a new way for readers to participate in the conversation using whichever device they use to read your articles (mobile included!). And with more ways for engagement, comes more opportunities to turn passive users to loyal users and subscribers.

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