Campaign Insights

Optimize ad-investment by measuring campaign performance in real-time

Get to know your community in real-time and understand what they are saying about your brand, marketing campaigns, and competitors. With Campaign Insights, you can measure the sentiment and effectiveness of your social media and native ad campaigns to optimize your results with industry-leading natural language processing.

How it works


Track your social media and native ad campaigns so you can improve ROI and grow your business

Social Listening

Understand what your audience is saying about your brand and campaigns

Identify Emerging Topics

Identify the key topics that are being discussed in the community


Keep track of what’s being said about your competitors and how you compare to them

Track you campaign results anytime, anywhere

Campaign Insights leverages natural-language processing to classify all conversations from social media as they happen in real-time. Now you can assess how well your social media and native ad campaigns are working beyond just clicks – at any point during the campaign.

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