Grow your community and let real-time conversations unfold directly on your site, backed with the power of Viafoura Automated Moderation and first party insights.

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Build a Direct Relationship with Your Audience

Grow your online community with Viafoura Conversations and benefit from increased membership to drive return visits, time-spent and pageviews. Leverage your first party data through real-time API’s and your Audience Insights Dashboard to grow reader and advertising revenues.

AI Powered Automated Moderation

Uphold your community guidelines in real-time across all conversations as they unfold directly on your site with Viafoura Automated Moderation and keep your community safe from hate speech, harassment and abuse.

Offer a Personalized Experience

Deliver a user-driven, personalization experience to drive membership and registration. Personalized news feeds and web alerts keep users up to date on content and conversations to drive return visits, loyalty and increased engagement.

Real-time Streaming: Ensure users never miss a beat and can read new posts and replies without needing to refresh the page.
Editor’s Pick: Select and promote top comments across the site.
Replies: Real-time conversations can unfold around your live coverage with the protection of Viafoura Automated Moderation, the only platform with a safety guarantee.
Author Designation
and User Badging:
Identify authors within the conversation to drive increased engagement and author follows and leverage our custom badging for your audience segments or subscribers.
Image Upload: Allow users to upload pictures, videos and gifs to personalize their comments in threads and enable pre-moderation in line with your community standards.

Conversations drives live engagement within a brand safe and protected environment.

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