How long does it take to implement Viafoura Audience Development Platform? And can we customize settings and features?

Our scalable platform can deploy a new database in just minutes. Integration time can vary depending on your systems and development cycles. Our implementation process includes the deployment and configuration of your database, training, and integration across your sites.

Can you support multiple domains?

Our platform is built to scale across your multiple digital properties. And with our Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities, users can use a single identity across your multiple digital properties without having to re-authenticate.

What happens to our existing comments and user profiles when we switch to Viafoura?

We understand the value of user-generated content and want to ensure a seamless transition experience for your users, which is why we offer our customers user and content migration before we go-live.

Can you customize your modules to fit match our site’s look and feel?

From the overall color scheme to the font in a button, the user experience can be fully customized through CSS to fit your brand guidelines.

Do you have support services and customer success management?

All of our customers are assigned a Client Success Manager as we pride ourselves in being your partner in audience development, supporting you from implementation, onboarding, training, and monthly check-ins with best practices and health checks.


We already have a third-party login provider. Can we still implement your engagement tools?

Whether you are using a Viafoura login or a third-party login, our engagement tools integrate seamlessly to provide a unified customer experience in as little as a day. Check out the documentation for our pre-built third-party integrations here.

Can Viafoura integrate with our existing DMP, CRM, or ESP?

We have APIs for easy integration into your DMP, CRM, or ESP. We offer easy deployment, CSS customization, and industry-leading configuration options.


How do we track the impact of browser-based push notifications?

We will send you weekly reports until we complete the integration of this data into your Audience Insights dashboard–our industry-leading analytics dashboard that surfaces all your critical KPIs like pageviews, engagement, and attention time.

What exactly is Attention Time?

Attention time highlights broader trends and examine user sessions as a whole rather than focusing on a solitary moment (like when a user clicks a link or briefly visits a page before bouncing off the site altogether).

We can factor out the time users spend away from the keyboard, or tabbed away from the page, for the most accurate measurements of time users spend engaged with your content.

What analytics can you capture from social media?

In your real-time Audience Insights dashboard, you can see what social networks are successful in driving readers to your site, and how this traffic directly impacts attention time and engagement. We help you go beyond traffic metrics to close the loop and see the complete impact of social sharing.

For more information, visit the Support Center.

Community & User Moderation

If we are using another commenting module, can we still leverage Viafoura Automated Moderation?

Viafoura Automated Moderation can work in conjunction with other third-party commenting modules to automatically moderate your online communities.

Can Viafoura Automated Moderation moderate our site and our social media channels?

Our algorithms can automatically detect, flag, and hide trolling, spam, and harassment on-site and across your social media channels (including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp and other chat applications).

With leading semantic technology, we can also provide a highly accurate and thorough understanding of users’ emotions, perceptions, needs, and desires, so you can get the social media insights you need to make decisions in real-time.

Can we manage different pages and sites with different moderation settings?

Yes! Custom moderation guidelines can easily be set at the site, section, or individual page level.

What types of user bans does Viafoura support?

We support three types of user bans:

  1. Posting Ban: Cannot post new comments
  2. Ban: Cannot login
  3. Ban and Hide Posts: Cannot login and previous comments are removed

Give short “time-outs” (for as little as a few hours, days, or months) and inform users why they are being banned to help them improve. For serious offenders, you have the option to impose permanent lifetime bans.

Supported Languages

What languages does Viafoura Audience Development Platform support?

All of our products can easily be localized into many languages. We can currently support the following languages: Arabic, English, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Serbian, and Spanish.

What languages does Viafoura Automated Moderation support?

Our algorithms can analyze and support the following languages: English, Portuguese, and Spanish. We also offer moderation services for French. Additional languages are added frequently.

I’m not seeing the question I’m looking for.

We’re always working to improve our FAQ page, so be sure to check back periodically for answers to more of your questions. Or you can submit your question here and we’ll be in touch.

Not seeing the question you’re looking for?

We’re always working to improve our FAQ page, so be sure to check back periodically for answers to more of your questions.

Or you can submit your question and we’ll be in touch.

For more information, visit the Support Center.