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Find out more about Viafoura’s recent product releases, updates, and feature upgrades. Our clients play an integral part of our product development roadmap, this ensures new products and features are tailored to meet and exceed our client’s goals.

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The Viafoura Conversion Engine

We created an end-to-end solution that will drive engagement around your content and convert more visitors to subscribers.


Encourage civil conversations around your content.


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Live Blogging

Provide coverage of live events and enable content curation of stories.


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Community Chat

Connect your audience, journalists and experts.


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Ratings & Reviews

Let users react to the experiences they encounter


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Use Profiles

Enable your audience to create a personalized profile directly on your site.

Social & Email Login

Create a frictionless login experience with user name, email registration or social login directly on your site.

Single Sign-On

Single sign-on allows users to easily move across integrated web properties, third-party applications, and mobile apps, following content through all of those offerings.

Engage like a Social Network

Add rich social features across your site that invites your community to follow content by their favorite journalists, trending topic or category.

Viafoura provides a personalized News Feed right on your site to serve up the content they’re interested in most and uses browser and mobile push notifications to keep them coming back.

These features are all designed to compel anonymous users to become known registered users and drive up return visits to your site.


Intelligent Auto Moderation Engine

Our advanced, semantic pattern-based detection system is able to understand every possible variation of words and sentence structures to accurately moderate up to 95% of all comments, posts, reviews and replies.

Moderation Console

Built by moderators for moderators, the Moderation Console offers avatar moderation, shared queues and time-based banning through a single, easy-to-use experience.

The Moderation Console is built to allow multiple moderators to work off the same work-space to maximize your team’s efficiency.

Full Service Moderation

Take a completely hands-off approach with moderation. You can outsource 100% of your moderation to Viafoura to keep your community protected from spam, duplicate posts, harassment and verbal abuse.

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High Resolution
First-Party Data

Dig deeper into the behavior and interests of your core audience through user, engagement, behavior and preference data. All of this raw data can easily plugin to your paywall, Business Intelligence, CRM and Data Management platforms.

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Viafoura Audience Insights

Why a Paywall Isn’t Enough

Viafoura breaks down how to drive reader revenue in a post-cookie world including paywall optimization strategies and key metrics to leverage. Download your guide today.

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Ready to build a direct relationship with your audience?

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