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Connect your audience, journalists and experts in a fast, real-time, lightweight and mobile friendly way around topics, videos or live events.

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Native Integration

Viafoura is the first to market with a Community Chat tool that embeds directly into existing sites easily and natively integrates with existing user profiles and authentication systems. Engage your audience in real-time while maintaining brand guidelines.

Community Safe

Backed by our leading Automated Moderation, the high volume of short-form messages are kept inline with your community standards and provide a safe environment for your users and advertisers to engage.

Real-time streaming Never miss a beat and allow users to read new posts without needing to refresh the page.
Reply Designation Users can see specific replies to their posts.
Muting Users can mute other users to customize their experience.
Replies Real-time conversations can unfold around your live coverage with the protection of Viafoura Automated Moderation, the only platform with a safety guarantee.

You can place Community Chat in a variety of locations on your site including:

Inline with the Article

Within the Sidebar

In App

Cost effective and easy to integrate, Viafoura Community Chat drives real-time, live engagement, all within a safe, protected environment.

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