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Industry News Roundup: The Buzz About Google AMP


You’ve likely awaited this week’s release of Google AMP, also known as Accelerated Mobile Pages, on the edge of your seat.

AMP has touted some big benefits for digital publishers — namely, improving the mobile web experience by helping pages load lightning fast. Hypothetically, this prevents publishers from losing readers’ attention when a news page takes a few extra seconds to load on their smartphones.

Because the official release was Wednesday, Feb. 24, the Internet has been abuzz with back-and-forth around the pros and cons of the project. While much is being said about the release, here are the articles from around the web that informed and captivated us this week:

Google AMP is Less About Beating Facebook at News, More About Gobbling Up the Mobile Web

Re/code offers a solid overview of why AMP matters for digital publishers, and why their focus isn’t on competing with Facebook’s Instant Articles product — instead, their priority was to clean up the mobile web experience and protect that precious mobile search ad revenue for themselves.

Diving All in or Dipping a Toe? How Publishers are Approaching Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages Initiative

One of our favourite industry publications, Nieman Lab, has put together a piece detailing how a number of digital publishers are adjusting to the AMP launch. Spoiler alert: Not everyone was thrilled at the prospect of building and maintaining yet another version of all their online stories.

Google’s AMP is Speeding Up the Web by Changing How it Works

WIRED offers a thorough breakdown of exactly how AMP works and the project’s potential implications on the Internet as a whole. The article also highlights some workarounds for publishers fretting over AMP’s aversion to JavaScript, with some solutions for ensuring your ads make it to the AMP mobile experience in spite of this issue.

Why Google AMP is So Much Faster in Three Dramatic Charts

Visual learners will rejoice at AdAge’s usage of charts to demonstrate how AMP loads publisher pages at breakneck speeds — sometimes twice as fast as the mobile web or desktop versions. The side-by-side comparison offers a dramatic view of the three versions and certainly makes the case for AMP’s loading speeds.


Curious about how analytics, social sharing, commenting and engagement will work with Google’s latest project? Well, here’s some good news: Viafoura is getting prepped for AMP. Stay tuned, as we look forward to revealing our AMP-ready platform!