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Industry Roundup: Facebook Instant Articles

With Facebook Instant Articles set to launch April 12 for all publishers, the Internet is abuzz with speculation on its potential impact.

With the impending rollout fast approaching, publishers are debating the advantages of distributed content models and the platforms they’ll include. While Instant Articles boasts the weighty claim of faster page loading times, publishers worry that although they may see a lift in some metrics, they’ll lose control of their own content, audiences, and monetization opportunities.

Here’s some of the publisher-focused buzz from around the web on this much-anticipated feature release:

For France’s Libération, Facebook Instant Articles Drives a 30 Per Cent Increase in Time Spent

The political publication of record in France has published 150 articles over the last two months through the feature, and has seen a significant spike in the average time spent on an article (Facebook’s analytics tool reports a new average of four minutes and 40 seconds per article).

Will Facebook Instant Articles Affect #SEO?

Trade publisher Search Engine Journal weighs in on the conversation with an in-depth breakdown of the effects Facebook Instant Articles will have on the SEO for major publishers (spoiler alert: it can have a positive impact, but publishers will have to up their content game in a few areas first).

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Publishers Reveal What it’s Really Like Using Facebook’s Instant Articles So Far

Business Insider gauges the reactions of several publishers already using Facebook Instant Articles, including online publishing heavyweights like BuzzFeed, Vox, The Wall Street Journal, and Gawker. If publishers are hesitant about the whole feature, this won’t necessarily make you feel any more at ease.

Facebook Will Let Any WordPress Blog Post Instant Articles

The Verge offers some insight on what Facebook Instant Articles will look like for publishers who use WordPress as their content management system of choice. They also offer a recommendation on a free WordPress plugin to bridge the gap between the publishing platform and the new Facebook feature.

In Conclusion

All these articles speak to a single theme: the increasingly important conversation around the benefits and risks to publishers who distribute their content on 3rd party platforms like Facebook. But with Google AMP, their open-source answer to Facebook Instant Articles, now available and offering similar benefits, a mobile showdown is inevitable. 

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