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Event Roundup: INMA 2016

We had a great time connecting with the strategists, catalysts, audience-builders, and revenue executives from the world’s leading news media organizations at the 86th Annual INMA World Congress in London.

We gained innumerable insights from the conference and have put together an #INMA16 roundup (Viafoura-style!) to reflect back on the key takeaways for media organizations.

While there is obviously much more we wish we could cover, we know time is of the essence! Take a look at our list and let us know your favorite moments and key takeaways in the comments below.

#INMA16 was definitely one hot ticket, so hot in fact that its opening reception was interrupted by a fire alarm causing a short-lived evacuation of the Tower of London. While this incident kicked off the conference, it was only the beginning of a long weekend that gave us lots to get fired up and excited about!

Key Takeaways

How to Make Data Actionable Now

Media execs from Politico, The Economist, and Singapore Press Holdings discussed the importance of data to the future of news media companies. Kate Day, Editorial Director of Growth at Politico highlighted three key questions you need to ask when it comes to the data you need:

  • What problem am I trying to solve?
  • How can I tell if my solution is working?
  • What would I like to know about my audience to do my job better?

inma-1[Starting from Left Seated: Kate Day, Anthony Tan, Stephane Pére. Photo Credit: INMA ]

While there are often many variables at play that determine why one story flies and another story flops, data that can help you address these questions will ensure you understand your audience, confirm that your content/product is working, and strengthen your ability to tell stories effectively. Viafoura Audience Insights can help you uncover the impact of on-site engagement on attention time and other important KPIs. Our integrated platform helps publishers measure the impact and optimize the performance of engagement tools.

Leverage Multi-Touch Points

Stephane Pére, Chief Data Officer at The Economist confirms three main purposes of using data: to understand, reach, and engage users. Publishers can leverage data to identify potential subscribers to better target and segment audiences.

“We don’t have one audience as publishers,” Pére concludes. “We have different audiences for our different platforms [and you] must think about leveraging all the touchpoints with your audiences.”

Who Says People Won’t Pay for Content?

Svenska Dagbladet, Bild, and News Corp Australia shared why they are confident to ask readers to pay for content.

They discussed using Freemium to allow visitors to access certain content (articles, pages, etc.) while quality premium content is locked away behind a paywall. This has been a successful model for them in terms creating strong retention and converting visitors into subscribers.

On the other hand, this brings a significant challenge to the editorial team in terms of understanding how creating quality content can impact traffic, pageviews, and ultimately subscription. Learn how you can convert site visitors into paying customers by prompting them to gradually increase their participation up the Ladder of Engagement.

To Distribute or Not to Distribute…

On the final day at INMA, Jonathan Hunt of Vox Media discussed Vox’s strategy on distributed content and how they are defining audience engagement on third-party platforms. Jonathan shared that “you can’t just think about the things that live on your site as being the centre of your brand.”


[Above: Jonathan Hunt of Vox Media. Photo Credit: INMA ]

Vox Media has built significant brands over social media platforms that focus on specific subjects that are relevant and engage different audiences. He confirms that if you want to stay relevant, your content needs to live and breathe on multiple social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat).

While the discussion of distributed content is often one of great debate, there is no doubt about the potential of social media. With the end goal to convert visitors to subscribers and get them up the Ladder of Engagement, social media is a key part of your journey. And considering each social share on mobile results in over 5,000 minutes of attention time acquired per day, it is in your best interest to understand how social and mobile impact your engagement strategy.

IMNA Global Media Awards

It was an eye-opening experience to attend the INMA Global Media Awards on the final night. From no less than 700 submissions from around the world, 40 winners were recognized for leading the most innovative initiatives to grow audiences, revenue, and brand across platforms. We were impressed by all the winners and the imagination and creativity on display at the 2016 Awards.

#INMA16: It’s a Wrap!

Data and audience development were key themes of the conference – two topics that we are passionate about here at Viafoura. We hope you had the chance to visit our booth in the Networking Lounge to learn more about Viafoura and how we can help you engage, discover, and grow your audience.