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Radio Interview: The Pulse of Your Community


Digital publishers and media companies are under a lot of pressure to maximize engagement and create a positive experience for users on-site and across social media channels. But they are sick and tired of the negative and trolling behaviour that their online comment sections tends to breed.

It’s no wonder why the industry is flocking to Viafoura Smart automated algorithmic Moderation (SaaM) to solve their online trolling problem.

Viafoura Founder & CEO Jesse Moeinifar sits down with Devon Peacock, Host of The Pulse on AM980 to discuss why closing your comment sections is not the answer and how SaaM can bring your online community back to life:

Your comment sections is the pulse of your community. It’s what keeps your content and site alive. How do we know this? Because commenting is one of the highest form of online engagement and is one of the main ways users interact with your content.

Users are more likely to engage in the comments when they believe the conversation is going to be civil. And the best way to ensure civil and positive dialogue is with SaaM! Using natural language processing and machine learning, SaaM automatically detect and hide nasty comments long before they’re seen by your online audience. With 24/7 coverage, our algorithms are far more effective and cost efficient than human moderation.

Tweet This: Fast Fact: People are more likely to participate if they believe the comments are civil @Viafoura @EngagingNews
Tweet This: When the trolls are at bay, users come out to play and engage in positive discourse @Viafoura

When users feel empowered to comment and engage in the discussion without the fear of trolls, they are more likely to return, register, and subscribe. So what are you waiting for?

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