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The Virginian-Pilot Empowers Readers and the Newsroom

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The Virginian-Pilot, the #1 source of news, information, entertainment, and advertising in Southeast Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina, implements Viafoura Viafoura Engagement Cloud across its digital property. The Virginian-Pilot’s easy implementation of Viafoura’s robust set of engagement, analytics, and user experience management tools, proves that audience engagement and community moderation doesn’t have to be a long and arduous process.

With Viafoura’s engagement and social tools, The Virginian-Pilot offers its readers an improved user experience with a frictionless social login, an easy-to-use article share bar for social sharing, and commenting to enable real-time conversations to unfold on its site. Its newsroom can access this first-party data and uncover the impact of engagement on attention time, social sharing, pageviews, and unique visitors all in its Audience Insights Dashboard. With access to these new insights, its newsroom can understand what are the best performing social networks, content, and sections.

"Viafoura makes it easier for our readers to share and discuss the news and events that are important to them. Now, it’s easy for us to tell what those stories and topics are, and to manage moderation duties."
– Director of Digital Strategy, The Virginian-Pilot

In terms of community moderation, The Virginian-Pilot aims to drastically reduce its moderation efforts with Automated Moderation. Automated Moderation gives The Virginian-Pilot a competitive edge with its 24/7 real-time commenting moderation using natural language processing and machine learning to detect and delete spam, negative, and abusive comments before they are seen by its audience and at a fraction of the cost of human moderation. With automated commenting coverage, The Virginian-Pilot can ensure its community standards are upheld to the utmost precision.

As a result, its newsroom can focus on fostering real-time conversations between reader-to-reader and reader-to-writer. The Virginian-Pilot’s Director of Digital Strategy confirms, “With Viafoura, we’re able to empower our readers and newsroom to engage around topics that matter to our community.”

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