Real-Time Commenting

Enable real-time conversations to unfold on your site

By facilitating real-time conversations on your site rather than offloading to social media, you can become the social hub for an active and engaged community and keep your readers coming back, again and again.


Real-Time Commenting System

Enable real-time conversations to unfold on your site to facilitate on-site interactions, both reader-to-reader and reader-to-writer


Rich-Media Supported Comments

Keep online discussions lively with images and video commenting


Reward Positive Behaviours

Promote behaviours, interactions, and actions with our robust behavioural badging system

How it works

Real-Time Conversations

Easily discover and read new comments and replies

Following Made Easy

Like, comment, reply, and follow other readers, writers, and articles to stay connected

Share Comments

Bring attention to an article by sharing a comment on social media or via email

News Alerts

Notify readers of breaking news, replies, and information that is important to them

Increase On-site Interactions

With Real-time Commenting, you can enable reader-to-reader and reader-to-writer interactions with your brand and content at the center of it all.

Once you’ve built your community, it’s time to uncover the impact of on-site engagement on important KPIs. Analyze your community in your Real-time Analytics Dashboard to gain actionable insights to make informed decisions around your brand, content, and community.

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