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Unlock the Four Fundamentals to Improve Community Engagement

Viafoura explores data cultivated from over 600 top media brands and explains how community engagement is an important metric for growth.

Viafoura powers live story coverage and real-time conversations, supported by market leading AI Moderation technology that enables you to capture the first-party audience engagement insights that drive conversions. Delivered with the Viafoura Promise, we are your partner in community building and engagement.


Power live story coverage and real-time conversations

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Personalized content and notifications based on user driven actions

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Uphold your community standards in real-time

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Community Management

Delivered with the Viafoura Promise as your partner in audience engagement

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Identity Management

Easily integrated with third-party login systems and social network login providers

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Audience Insights

Capture real time analytics, historical reporting and leverage first party data APIs

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Across our network of over 600 media brands, we support:

Over 10 Billion

Monthly Pageviews

Over 350 Million

Active Users

Viafoura is a much-needed and welcomed enhancement to Graham Media Group, improving the user experience and increasing audience engagement.

Viafoura’s platform has been instrumental in upholding our commitment to creating a respectful, safe, and welcoming community.

You get the community you deserve, you need to invest in it, so we are happy to have found a platform with moderation and engagement tools that will build trust and encourage quality conversation and relationships.

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