La Nación launches Viafoura’s Conversations on its platform with goal of boosting registrations and civil dialogue

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La Nación, Argentina’s preeminent conservative newspaper, has launched Viafoura’s digital experience platform on its website, integrating the latter’s industry-leading Conversations solution. Viafoura’s Conversations will enable automated comment moderation on La Nación’s site, while also capturing data and analytics about the media company’s registered users. The Conversations solution also includes a community feed, the option to follow topics and/or authors, and a trending content carousel.

With 46 million monthly users and 343,000 paid subscribers, La Nación wanted to cultivate and nurture its community, while making it easy for readers to express themselves.

“One of our objectives is to increase our registered users’ interactions,” says Juan Alvarez, product manager at La Nación. “By switching to Viafoura, only our registered users can comment, so we hope it promotes a civil dialogue while helping our users have more mindful interactions.”

Before adopting Viafoura’s digital experience platform, La Nación was using Livefyre. Alvarez notes that his team wanted to improve the newspaper’s community experience beyond commenting, while also increasing engagement, registrations, subscriptions, time on site, and return visits.

La Nacion comments powered by Viafoura Conversations.

Part of what convinced La Nación to choose Viafoura was the scope of what the Conversations solution could offer, as well as recommendations from other trusted media brands.

But once the contract was signed, what impressed Alvarez the most was the high quality of service his team received from Viafoura. Implementing the solution happened in a short amount of time, and regular meetings helped guide La Nación’s team through the queries about the technology. Translation services were also provided during meetings to facilitate communication where needed. Alvarez adds that technical support since launching the solution has been especially efficient.

“We aim to grow our community hand-in-hand with Viafoura,” says Alvarez. “We hope to implement more solutions in the future and to continue to promote our community’s growth.”

Viafoura shares Alvarez’s enthusiasm for what’s ahead.

“We’re so excited to expand our reach in Argentina with the wonderful team at La Nación,” says Dalia Vainer, director of customer experience at Viafoura. “We’re looking forward to growing their engaged community while highlighting civility and creating a seamless end-to-end user engagement series!”

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