Viafoura Successfully Attains SOC 2 Type 2 Certification Following Completion of SOC Compliance Process

We’re thrilled to share an important milestone in our commitment to data security: the successful completion of our second annual SOC 2 Type 2 audit. This achievement not only reaffirms our dedication to safeguarding your data but also underscores our ongoing efforts to maintain the highest standards of security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

While SOC 2 Type 1 provides a snapshot of our security measures at a specific moment, SOC 2 Type 2 goes further, assessing the effectiveness of these controls through our day-to-day operations. 

“Our completion of the annual SOC 2 Type 2 audit underscores our unwavering commitment to safeguarding our users’ data,” asserts Mark Zohar, President and CEO of Viafoura. “It’s about more than compliance; it’s about instilling confidence in our users that their information is protected with the utmost diligence.”

Thank you for entrusting Viafoura with your digital engagement needs.


The Viafoura Customer Experience Team.

Viafoura & Poool Partner to Drive Increased Registrations and Subscriptions for Digital Publishers

We’re thrilled to announce our newly launched partnership with Poool, a fast-growing membership & subscription suite dedicated to enhancing member and subscriber engagement, conversion rates, and retention. This game-changing collaboration aims to help media companies by dynamically converting highly engaged users into registered and subscribed users, effectively revolutionizing the conversion journey.

Mark Zohar, Chief Executive Officer of Viafoura, comments on the launch:  

“The media landscape continues to evolve rapidly, and our partnership with Poool positions us at the forefront of this transformation. Our partnership opens new avenues for audience engagement and retention, which align perfectly with our mission to empower brands to activate their digital audiences. We believe, together, we are well-equipped to navigate the changing dynamics of the industry and drive meaningful, lasting impact in the digital space.”

Through this new partnership, publishers will be able to:

  1. Create custom user journeys and enable a metered engagement model to convert high-propensity users dynamically.
  2. Launch customized paywall and registration walls that are integrated into Viafoura’s community engagement experiences.
Above, example of Poool's registration wall integrated into one of Viafoura's real-time Conversations experience

By leveraging Viafoura’s first-party data, propensity models and audience segmentation capabilities and Poool’s flexible and robust paywall and registration wall solution, publishers will be able to significantly increase and accelerate user conversion rates on their owned and operated properties.

Above, example of two different paywall and registration journey made with Poool (subscription vs 24h access) based on Viafoura's engagement scoring and propensity to convert scoring

This partnership and dynamic audience conversion solution is now available to all Viafoura and Poool customers. 

Viafoura is a digital experience company that helps brands activate their audiences through a suite of engagement and personalization solutions, maximizing conversions of unknown to known users. We work with brands to build direct relationships with their audiences, creating the foundation for a scalable first-party data strategy while reducing dependency on social media. | Request a demo with Viafoura here

Poool provides digital publishers with the operational tools and proven expertise needed to convert, manage and retain their members and subscribers. 

Over 150 media brands worldwide use Poool’s Membership & Subscription Suite. Poool is also the founder of The Audiencers, the leading B2B Media for audience professionals. | Request a demo with Poool here

Connecting Communities: Viafoura and Forum Communications Company Join Forces for an Enhanced Digital Experience!

We are proud to announce the go-live of the Viafoura partnership with Forum Communications Company, a fifth-generation family-owned media company with over 150 years of excellence and innovation in connecting and informing communities.

“At Forum Communications Company, our legacy lies in the power of communication to inform and unite people in the communities we serve,” says Amy Fredrickson, VP Marketing at Forum Communications. “Partnering with Viafoura aligns perfectly with our mission to enhance our readers’ experience and create thriving online communities.”

Forum Communications recognized the value of Viafoura’s solutions and how they would directly impact their readers and overall objectives. With an easy-to-use format for readers, Viafoura’s Conversations product suite  introduces new features that will keep readers engaged, encouraging them to return for more enriching experiences. This paired with Viafoura’s AI moderation aims to create a vibrant community where readers and subscribers can connect, discuss, and foster meaningful conversations.

Parallel, Forum and Viafoura will partner in a hands-on change management approach with Editorial Newsrooms aimed at designing custom plans that tailor to the needs and voice of each individual newsroom. This includes a unique set of engagement playbooks with newsroom champions at each brand. 

With Viafoura as a partner, Forum expects significant quantitative outcomes. Increased engagement levels will empower readers to actively participate in the discussions, while registrations increase as more individuals become part of Forum’s growing community. Ultimately, this partnership is expected to drive a rise in subscriptions, solidifying Forum Communications’ position as a leading media company.

Dalia Vainer, Director of Customer Experience, comments on the partnership: We are thrilled to be the vendor of choice for Forum’s 23-site launch as they introduce the world of community engagement! We are also looking forward to deploying our engagement playbooks over the coming months as we supercharge their community as a catalyst and strategic avenue for registration conversion.”.

Mordu, Powered by Viafoura: A Recipe for a Thriving Culinary Community

We’re thrilled to announce a delicious new addition expansion under the Radio-Canada family: Mordu has launched a community, powered by Viafoura! With over 6,000 recipes, ingredient guides, pro tips, local food news, and exclusive culinary web series, Mordu is a gastronomic paradise for cooking enthusiasts across Canada bringing the rich tapestry of food to your fingertips.

We sat down with Katherine Domingue, Project Manager at Mordu, to share her thoughts on why we chose Viafoura and what we anticipate this partnership will bring to Mordu and our valued users.

Why Viafoura?

We chose Viafoura because of their global partnership with CBC/Radio-Canada, which aligns perfectly with our strategic business goals. This partnership allows us to provide a seamless user experience with a single sign-on, enabling our users to effortlessly switch between our products. It also streamlines feature development, ensuring we can swiftly respond to our users’ needs. We’re particularly excited to introduce the new comment section on our recipe pages, a feature highly requested by our community. 

How did you find the onboarding process? 

The onboarding process was smooth, and simple. Viafoura’s support service was quick and immensely helpful, although a bit more diagrams could have helped, Jeannie’s constant presence throughout was truly a blessing, ensuring a seamless transition.

How will digital experiences be changing at Mordu? 

The introduction of comments on our recipes will create a dynamic space for users to seek answers to their culinary queries and foster engagement within our community. This will undoubtedly enhance the user experience for those exploring new recipes, making their culinary adventures even more enjoyable.

What quantitative outcomes do you anticipate Viafoura will help you achieve?

We have high expectations for what Viafoura will help us achieve:

  • Increase in Authentication and Account Creation: Viafoura’s seamless single sign-on system is expected to boost the number of registered users on Mordu.
  • Increased Engagement: The comment section will encourage active participation and discussions among our users, leading to increased engagement.
  • Higher Net Promoter Score: We anticipate that the enhanced user experience will result in a higher Net Promoter Score, reflecting the satisfaction of our community and value offerings. 
  • Growing the Mordu Community: Viafoura will play a pivotal role in fostering a vibrant, thriving Mordu community, bringing food enthusiasts together like never before.

Mordu’s journey with Viafoura is just beginning, and we invite you to join us in this culinary adventure. Explore our treasure trove of recipes, engage with our community, and savor the flavors of Mordu. We look forward to cooking up unforgettable experiences together!

Elevating Engagement: Viafoura Empowers World Soccer Talk’s Community Experience

World Soccer Talk, the ultimate destination for soccer enthusiasts seeking soccer TV schedules, news, and in-depth interviews, has just upped its game with the launch of Viafoura’s industry-leading digital experience platform. This marks a significant step towards enhancing engagement, streamlining user experience, and cultivating an active online community.

With soccer fever running high, Christopher Harris, Publisher of World Soccer Talk, aimed to tackle the challenge of creating a more interactive platform while ensuring seamless moderation. The answer? Viafoura’s Conversations and automated moderation tools.

“We are thrilled to announce the expansion of the Playmaker & Viafoura Partnership with World Soccer Talk, the first North American Playmaker brand to launch with Viafoura. We are looking forward to bringing a transition to a more user-friendly and robust platform to WST users, and enable Playmaker with the first-party data network advantage.” says Dalia Vainer, Director of Customer Experience at Viafoura.

Christopher Harris explains why Viafoura was their choice amidst the myriad of options. “We wanted a better, modern commenting system that offered features that our readers wanted (such as being able to edit a comment, voting comments up and down, profiles, etc). Plus, we wanted one that was more robust as far as moderating comments in order to prevent spam and trolling taking over threads.”

The transition from their previous WordPress commenting platform to Viafoura was a breeze. Harris describes the onboarding process as “very smooth and flawless,” handled with utmost professionalism.

The impact on’s digital experience is already in effect by weeding out trolling, while empowering commenters with enhanced community engagement features. As the comments section is the heartbeat of the website, this seamless transition to a better environment is beginning to pick up speed with soccer lovers globally.

From a quantitative perspective, Viafoura is expected to bring significant benefits including:

  • Additional value exchange experiences on site that will drive user engagement, time on site and increased registrations and first-party data
  • Integrated display advertising within the Conversations experience resulting in increased revenue generation
  • Efficiency of the moderation process to drastically improve, saving hours of time previously spent on frequent checks for spam and trolling.

Viafoura’s community elements have kicked off a new era for World Soccer Talk, boosting user engagement, refining the overall user experience, and propelling the platform into a thriving soccer hub where fans can passionately discuss, share, and interact. It’s a goal scored for online soccer communities everywhere! launches Community with Viafoura to Enhance Digital Health Experience

We are excited to announce the launch of Viafoura’s digital experience platform on, a vertical of Postmedia Network dedicated to delivering trusted health information and fostering a supportive community! This collaboration signifies a significant milestone towards Healthing’s mission to revolutionize the digital health experience for Canadians. faces unique challenges in moderating first-person accounts and real-life stories discussing health conditions and symptoms, requiring a safe and civil community environment. “Viafoura is a trusted partner of the Postmedia Network and a valuable connection to our communities.The product suite allows us to connect with our users and encourage meaningful conversation while offering a personalized experience in a safe space”, said Andrew Robichaud, Product Team Lead.

Using the core conversations suite, Healthing is looking forward to driving strategic results, as achieved with other brands under the Postmedia umbrella. Core business metrics include:

  • Lift in Registrations
  • Increase in onsite engagement including UGC
  • Lift in time spent on site

“We believe the support and connection that comes with the Viafoura platform will drastically improve the user experience and our users’ outcomes in their healthcare journeys.” Says Andrew.

“We’re thrilled to continue our expansion with one of Canada’s largest publishers as they introduce community engagement in the health space! We’re particularly looking forward to adding additional first-party data that can be used by for activation and engagement strategies brand-wide”, said Dalia Vainer, Director of Customer Experience at Viafoura.

Thank you for trusting Viafoura, and cheers to our continued success!

Endeavor Business Media – creating meaningful connections while activating their audiences

Endeavor Business Media is a business-to-business media company operating 80+ media brands and 40+ events, including conferences and exhibitions. Their mission is to create meaningful connections that help businesses attract new customers, connect with and sell to existing customers, generate leads, showcase their products, and discover new solutions and partners. Endeavor targets narrow verticals in specific industries, such as law enforcement, electrical engineering, or supply chain logistics. They build online communities for these industries, providing positive, helpful user-generated content focused on business decision-makers.

Endeavor wanted to ensure that their sites remained engaging yet civilized while allowing for disparate points of view. However, guaranteeing their high standards were consistently applied was challenging and time-consuming for their community moderators.

There are so many reasons for Viafoura and Endeavor to be excited about the future. With the use of Conversations, Viafoura’s AI-powered moderation, Trending Articles and Topics, Endeavor will be powering active, engaged communities by:

  • Highlighting insightful the best comments within a comment thread,
  • Using Viafoura’s integration capabilities to connect with Endeavor’s content management system – making it easy for their registered members to participate in online communities,
  • Moderating comments right within Endeavor’s front end is a feature that will make it faster to remove inappropriate content from comment threads. Moderators will undoubtedly value the Viafoura moderation console for all of its power and features,
  • And, of course, the real-time commenting features give site visitors a sense of an active, healthy community. “

Alex Dunne, Senior Director of Product Management at Endeavor Business Media, says, “We believe Viafoura’s rich commenting features will drive more site registrations, improve site engagement levels, increase page views, repeat visits, and ad revenue. Simultaneously we’ll be gathering behavioural data about visitors to all of Endeavor’s sites, enabling us to drive leads and personalization.”

“We look forward to working with the wide breadth of professional communities at Endeavor Business Media! Using Viafoura core community products, Endeavor will continue to remain the center of critical conversations with market experts and decision-makers through direct, meaningful connections. We are particularly excited to foster and unlock an additional layer of 1st party data, bringing new interest cohorts that can be funneled back to the business,”  says Dalia Vainer, Director of Customer Experience at Viafoura.

El País driving engagement growth with Viafoura’s solutions

The challenge of elevating the reader relationship from casual to actively engaged subscribers is common. When paired with also building a robust, insightful data repository that can provide a unified view of the user, one might consider the challenge an elevated one. El País is a publisher that has this well in hand!

El Pais is a family owned company founded in 1918, which has been leading the news industry in Uruguay for decades. It has come to be a reference source of truthful and relevant  journalism as well as entertainment across its network of news sites, newsletters, podcasts and social networks.

With the implementation of Viafoura’s Conversations and Auto-Moderation solutions, El País is well on its way to driving first-rate engagement levels on its digital properties. These high levels of engagement lead to the collection of both passive data, being the information gathered on where the reader goes on the website and what content they read, as well as active data, which is taken from the readers’ interaction or engagement with a site – this could be the comments they leave, the likes or dislikes, etc.

Diego Acosta y Lara, Chief Technology Officer at El País, comments, “our goal is to create a smooth user experience.  We want our readers to engage with our content and return to our digital sites often. Additionally, with data collection in hyperdrive, El País aims to activate the data to drive both ad revenue and subscriptions.”

Ensuring that El País is successful in achieving its goals is Dalia Vainer, Viafoura’s Director of Customer Success. Dalia comments on Viafoura’s newest partnership: “El País already has an established commenting community but is turning to Viafoura to deliver an elevated user experience that will provide rich, valuable first-party data and insights. We’re thrilled to work with the team to achieve these goals and look forward to celebrating success together!”

MNA Media elevating its online experience with vibrant, civil, engaged communities

Midland News Association Media (MNA Media) is one of Britain’s largest independent, regional news companies with a reach of over one million readers every week in print and online. It publishes two of the UK’s biggest-selling regional daily newspapers, the Express & Star and the Shropshire Star. MNA Media is committed to remaining a trusted, high-quality source of information via its online platforms. 

Their focus now is to elevate the reader experience so that the relationship moves from casual reader to actively engaged subscriber. Mark Cadman, Head of Development at MNA Media, said: “We had several essential requirements for any new solution for our online sites. It needed to have proven experience in delivering registrations, demonstrable success at driving up page views and time on site, deliver an exceptional user experience, and offer many opportunities for engagement with our valued readers.”

With Viafoura’s Conversations, Live Blogs, Community Chat and Auto-Moderation, MNA Media will improve on-site engagement and build a subscription funnel by converting unknown users into known, registered users and, from there, into engaged subscribers.

Ensuring that MNA Media is successful and has an exceptional customer experience is Dalia Vainer, Viafoura’s Director of Customer Success. Dalia comments on Viafoura’s newest, notable partnership: “We’re looking forward to bringing a civil-first community to MNA media and re-engaging users like never before! We’re happy that MNA Media’s teams can have peace of mind with finely tuned real-time moderation, giving more time for editorial folks to develop hands-on operational practices to create a direct relationship with users”!

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