Viafoura Partners With Xtra Magazine

Viafoura Partners With One of North America’s Leading LGBTQ2-Focused Digital Publisher

TORONTO, ON, October 15, 2020Viafoura, the leading audience engagement and community building company for digital media brands, announced today its partnership with Xtra Magazine, an LGBTQ2-focused digital publication based in Toronto, Canada. Through this partnership, Viafoura will power Xtra Magazine’s online community engagement — including real-time comments and conversations and personalized content recommendations and notifications — allowing Xtra’s digital audience to directly engage with the publisher’s content, editorial staff and the community at large.

 To ensure safe, civil and inclusive online discourse and engagement, Xtra Magazine will deploy Viafoura’s best-in-class content moderation capabilities, powered by the company’s proprietary AI technology and professional moderation services team.

 By leveraging Viafoura’s rich first-party data and real-time engagement analytics, Xtra Magazine will also gain deeper insights into the behaviours and preferences of its online readers, allowing Xtra to create more personalized content and tailored offers.

 “Many publishers are prioritizing the acquisition of first-party data assets via subscribers now that Google has put a firm deadline on third-party cookies, and because it’s smart. Authenticated audiences allow publishers to improve their relationships with advertisers armed with a deeper understanding of their readers’ needs and desires. In addition to revenue sustainability, first-party data ownership leads to deeper reader relationships by incentivizing publishers to offer more value in exchange for subscriptions. We’re excited to watch Xtra Magazine flourish with its acquisition of first-party data,” said Viafoura CEO, Jesse Moeinifar.

 Viafoura is committed to empowering publishers and digital audiences with the tools and technology to facilitate inclusive and thriving online engagement in a safe digital environment. “We’re excited to power community engagement for Xtra Magazine and fortify their centre of influence in the LGBTQ2 community with everything their readers love about digital and social media and nothing they dislike about social media, like the spread of hate and disinformation.” 

 About Viafoura

Viafoura partners with over 600 media brands to engage, convert and monetize their digital audiences. With best-in-class engagement and content moderation solutions — including real-time conversations, live blogs, community chat, personalization tools and AI-powered moderation — Viafoura helps companies create active, civil and loyal online communities. Advanced data analytics also offer customers access to unique and valuable insights into their audience’s behaviors and preferences. As a result, the Viafoura solution drives higher registrations and subscriptions as well as better-targeted content and advertising.

 About Xtra Magazine

Xtra Magazine is published by Pink Triangle Press. Founded in 1971, Pink Triangle Press is one of the world’s oldest, independent LGBTQ2 media groups. Pink Triangle Press is a mission-guided organization with no shareholders. Profits earned by the business are reinvested to support its mission: daring together to set love free.

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