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Part I: The New Rules of Engagement (and Why They Matter)

The benefits of an engaged audience are clear. After all, it’s the most engaged users that keep coming back to your site. They connect with journalists, community members and content – and are more likely than anonymous users to subscribe. They also drive membership and return visits, growing your online community as a whole.

But today’s media environment has new rules of engagement, and a new value exchange has evolved as a result. Namely, to remain engaged, users require more meaningful brand experiences. If you can provide that, they’ll offer their loyalty and willingness to subscribe to your site’s content in return.

Loyalty and engagement are key for media providers in all areas of their business. Audience engagement has become an important metric for media and publishing companies adapting their monetization models to grow reader and advertising revenue. By giving audiences what they want – meaningful engagement – you’re able to keep them coming back, all while promoting journalist interactions and building advertiser confidence to further your business goals.

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Want to learn how to promote engagement at all levels? In Part II of this series, find out how to strategize your engagement, and the four ways engagement can impact your business goals.

Unlock the Four Fundamentals to Improve Audience Engagement

Viafoura explores data cultivated from over 600 top media brands and explains how audience engagement is an important metric for growth.

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