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Announcing Viafoura’s New Performance-Based Pricing Plan — No License Fees. No Overage Fees. No-Brainer.

Announcing Viafoura’s New Performance-Based Pricing Plan — No License Fees. No Overage Fees. No-Brainer.

Good news for publishers and media companies everywhere: Viafoura is now offering its entire audience engagement and community-building platform free of charge through an ad-supported pricing model.

“Media companies are quickly realizing that the key to sustainability is creating a highly engaged, loyal community,” says Jesse Moeinifar, Founder and CEO of Viafoura. 

Unfortunately, many available community-building solutions are either expensive, require huge amounts of internal effort or are low quality. But now you can have the best of all worlds. 

“Our ad-supported revenue model offers all media companies equal access to the tools and services they need to build a profitable community, regardless of their financial resources,” Moeinifar adds.

This means that companies are now able to build and monetize an active community online by hosting ads and subscription offers within Viafoura’s widgets

Rather than having to pay a recurring license fee, our new pricing model is powered by revenue earned through ads and offers running on Viafoura’s tools. Companies can then reap the rewards of their engaged communities — including more subscriptions, long-term loyalty and new incremental revenue.

Customers using our platform saw a 44% increase in comments, 34% increase in average session length and 38% increase in total on-site engagement. 

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Explore how Viafoura’s ad-supported pricing plan can benefit your business below.

Flexible Advertising

With advertisers gradually increasing their budgets as restrictions around the pandemic ease up, it’s the perfect time to optimize your ad spaces for engagement.

Viafoura offers a wide range of flexible advertising opportunities to satisfy all of your ad-related needs.  

For example, you can choose which of our widgets run advertisements, select ad positions and set ad frequency:

We also give you the option to work with our brand-safe, premium advertising partners to maximize CPM/eCPM rates. Alternatively, you can use your own ad-serving platform.

Finally, you have the freedom to define your blacklists and run any of your in-house or third-party ads and offers.

Maximize Engagement With Your Ads

Research has proven that digital social spaces attract active community members.

Since we embed advertisements right into social spaces, media companies like yours can expect a high level of engagement with their ads. Companies that have implemented our ad-supported model have seen a 3-5x increase in click-through rates (CTRs), over 80% viewability of ads and significant gains in overall ad performance. 

“It’s a way to isolate your most engaged audience and put ads in front of them,” says Dan Seaman, VP of product at Viafoura. 

Take your community’s experience with your business to the next level using first-party data from our engagement tools. Simply gather insights from your community’s engagement data to target ads and content to consumers based on their behavior and interests.

Ultimately, our ad-supported revenue model is a way for you to build and monetize a thriving community of loyal brand advocates… all without straining your budget. 

Interested in joining a growing list of publishers — like Reach PLC, Tribune Publishing, Postmedia and Media News Group — who are leveraging Viafoura’s new performance-based model to scale their community engagement strategies? 

Get in touch with us here to find out if our ad-supported pricing plan is right for your business. 

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