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Digital Engagement and Adapting to Change

Digital Engagement and Adapting to Change

Viafoura’s Director of Product – Engagement Tools, Dan Seaman joined Shari Medini on the Push Pull Sales & Marketing podcast, where they discussed the importance of adapting to changing traditional and social media landscapes in order to maintain and increase engagement.

Topics in the podcast:

  • The effects of how quality content distribution is often reliant on one or two social media and search engine giants
  • The importance of the relationships you build with your audiences
  • How building these quality relationships, whether you’re a large publisher or smaller content creator, will help drive engagement regardless of changes to platforms or algorithms

Adapting to change as a content publisher with Dan Seaman (ep. 61)

Director of Product
Dan Seaman

Dan Seaman is a 15 year digital media professional and enthusiast and has held key product strategy and leadership roles managing consumer products for large media groups like St. Joseph Media, Quebecor, TC Media, and The Globe and Mail.

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