It’s Time For Your Newsroom to Start Live Blogging, Here’s Why

Live blogging has become a popular and the preferred way to stream real-time news coverage around a live event to engage an audience in a centralized spot. Live Stories give journalists the power to leverage their own content from the field, as well as share and give commentary on what is happening across social and hashtags as the news is breaking. Today’s coverage of events has multiple collaborators sharing new content, allowing for dynamic, flexible coverage as the event is still unfolding directly onsite.  Below are some strategies to help you get started using Live Stories so you can kick-start sharing news from an event efficiently and affordably.

How to Create Engagement in a Live Story

Plan ahead or discover the social content related to a hashtag, keyword or username tied to the event unfolding and keep users on your site throughout the breaking coverage. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be the leading source through a live blog. Offer your audience curated coverage and allow them to actively participate and engage with automated social ingestion. Drive deep user engagement through likes, shares and safe auto-moderated replies.

Generate a Positive ROI with Flexible Broadcasting

Media publishers can utilize live blogging as a strategic advantage with Live Stories as the tool to generate positive ROI as the leading source streaming the latest coverage within a moderated environment. With little overhead required to get started and the ability to curate news coverage from other sources simultaneously with your own, Live Stories allows you to be efficient and grow a relationship with your audience in parallel.

How to Get Started Live Blogging

Live Stories are fast and easy to implement by simply dropping a script right into a webpage. Your users can login with their existing authentication systems for your site so there is no additional setup for participation that is required.

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