The Dallas Morning News Adopts Viafoura Automated Moderation Platform

Toronto, May 21, 2019: The Dallas Morning News, one of America’s most distinguished media brands, has adopted Viafoura’s Automated Moderation service to power its commenting sections. The new platform will allow The Dallas Morning News, through its website, to uphold community guidelines in real time, maintain a high standard of quality on readers’ comments, and promote safe and civil public discourse on issues of importance.

"The tools included in the Viafoura suite make our work faster and more efficient in addition to offering us more detailed analytics about our commenting community." - Hannah Wise, Audience Development Editor - The Dallas Morning News

The Dallas Morning News joins dozens of established media organizations around the world who have turned to Viafoura to find new ways to connect with readers, listeners, and viewers. The Viafoura platform’s civility solution uses Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to detect and eliminate spam, foul language, and abuse, and to encourage more engaging, respectful conversations.

“From our work with media companies across the globe, we know that readers want to engage with news and topics of importance to them, but it must be safe for them to do so. We have seen active communities of shared interest grow very rapidly when the proper rules and processes are in place to remove any bad actors.”

Jesse MoeinifarFounder & CEO, Viafoura

Viafoura’s Automated Moderation technology not only improves the user experience for readers, it also helps boost engagement from the editorial side, giving newsrooms the freedom to get directly involved with their audiences through its community moderation feature — something they have been reluctant to do in unattended forums.

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