DC Thomson enhances its audience growth strategy with Viafoura’s digital experience platform

DC Thomson, a leading UK-based media company serving news and entertainment to audiences worldwide, is working with Viafoura to bring positive, engaging experiences to its websites’ visitors. With support from Viafoura’s digital experience platform and advanced moderation services, DC Thomson now offers subscribers and registered users rich, interactive social opportunities and personalized notifications.

This partnership has equipped the media company with products designed to encourage respectful discussions and debates between audience members around the content and authors they love. Each of these products — including Viafoura Conversations — are supported with automated and human moderation to keep discourse positive and free of hate.

In the future, the media company plans to launch Viafoura’s moderated Live Blogs and Community Chats as well.

“The folks at DC Thomson are obviously passionate about creating a first-class user experience on their site,” says Viafoura’s Director of Customer Experience, Dalia Vainer. “We’re so happy to be part of their journey toward delivering more engaging experiences and keeping conversations civil.”

Alan McCabe, Head of Product for news brands at DC Thomson, said the team selected Viafoura as a critical partner in audience engagement after realizing that Viafoura could help boost user engagement, time on site, retention and subscriptions.

“We want our customers to have the best possible experience when visiting our websites. Viafoura’s solution helps us do that by allowing our subscribers and registered users to engage with us and each other in a positive, harmonious fashion,” states McCabe. “Now that our audience members can share their views, join discussions and connect with our journalists, they’ll spend more time engaged on our websites.”

DC Thomson will also be able to gather and analyze audience data as users interact with Viafoura’s engagement experiences. This will help staff better understand its customer base and improve future business initiatives.

According to McCabe, adopting the Viafoura platform was a smooth and successful process, causing no disruptions to users.

“The support given to our team during the process was excellent and helped ensure that Viafoura’s experiences integrated properly with our existing user flows and registration process,” says McCabe.

Going forward, McCabe expects that these positive and engaging experiences will help the media company maximize audience interest, growing loyalty toward its brands.

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