Perfil swaps Facebook Comments with Viafoura’s digital experience platform to boost business results

Perfil, one of Latin America’s most prominent newspaper and magazine publishers, has teamed up with Viafoura to improve the commenting experience for readers and subscribers on its website. Viafoura’s digital experience platform now offers Perfil’s audience members the ability to engage with one another in a positive way, follow their favourite topics and get notifications based on their interests.

According to Perfil Digital Director Agustino Fontevecchia, the media company chose to replace its previous commenting tool, Facebook Comments, with Viafoura Conversations. Now, Viafoura will deliver superior, toxic-free discussion spaces and personalized experiences to the media company’s audience members.

While Facebook Comments lacked moderation and support services, leading to toxic interactions, Viafoura’s digital experience platform is supported with intelligent automated moderation. As a result, Perfil will be able to establish meaningful discussion spaces ⁠— free of toxicity and spam ⁠— that users will want to return to and participate in.

“We’re delighted that Perfil is launching Viafoura as part of an ongoing effort to provide a more positive, seamless and personalized user experience,” states Dalia Vainer, Director of Customer Experience at Viafoura.

Even before adopting Viafoura’s platform, Fontevecchia was confident that a positive discussion experience would add value for publishers and their users by spurring civil communities and increasing conversion opportunities.

“At Perfil, our expertise in politics and economics in a world of fragmentation and polarization means our qualified readership is constantly looking for spaces to express itself and keep the debate going,” says Fontevecchia. “Viafoura offered our team enhanced control over the commenting experience for our readers and subscribers, allowing us to achieve a higher level of audience engagement.”

Perfil plans to lock this commenting experience for website visitors to ensure that only registered people are allowed to post, which will naturally raise the quality of conversations. By reserving these higher-quality conversations for registered users, the media organization is also set to unlock user loyalty and additional revenue.

Fontevecchia explains that as Viafoura helps boost user registrations, time users spend consuming content and engagement, subscriptions will also rise. This means that Perfil will now have new additional opportunities to monetize its audience’s comments.

“And in terms of onboarding and implementation, Viafoura’s team and documentation have been extremely straightforward and reliable,” Fontevecchia concludes. “We felt completely supported during every step of the process, from start to finish.”

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