Atlas News and Viafoura – achieving soaring levels of community engagement

Focused on bridging the gap between the intelligence community and the general public through short-form content, Atlas News covers everything from geo-politics to conflict. While Atlas News is a digital news site, Stanford Nix, COO explains that “our community is our business”.

Their vibrant community is unbelievably active and loyal to their brand. “People use our products and consume our content because it’s important. They stay because they enjoy it” says Stanford. Most publishers dream of a community that sees and values everything they do. Atlas News has more than achieved that ideal. They’ve even had customers emailing them informing them of a loophole in subscription walls, and offering to pay back their subscription for the previous 4 months – all because they value the content Atlas News provides!

It is because of these achievements that Atlas News has set its new product introduction standards so high. Stanford noticed that “while our readership was high, we didn’t integrate our audience into our new platforms. I went on a deep dive to find a solution that could provide our customers with a more broad range of product offerings. We don’t see Viafoura as a tool, we see it as a product. A product we could leverage to generate more traffic, time on platform, and revenue. We have arguably one of the most dedicated and active communities in news. Our engagement rates are 8x of industry standard and bringing that social media engagement to our platform was the obvious next step. And Viafoura is the clear king of community engagement.”

For Atlas News, integrating Viafoura’s Conversations, Live Blogs, Community Chat, Trending Articles, and Moderation solutions is helping them reach new levels of engagement. Says Stanford, “It will not only affect our digital experience, it IS the digital experience. Reading articles and being informed is the passion in our community. But community engagement is where we really see our business come to life. Social media style features like comments, follows, upvotes and downvotes, are going to be an integral part of our growth and overall attractiveness to our community.”

Viafoura is also excited to work with Atlas News. Dalia Vainer, Director of Customer Success at Viafoura affirms how “we are looking forward to launching Viafoura core suite with Atlas’ unique younger demographic! We’ll be actively engaging their direct-to-user relationship on their owned and operated- something their audiences are used to with socials, but leading in a brand-safe and 1st party data forward way. What an exciting launch! “

icimédias digital properties drive new levels of engagement with Viafoura

icimédias is a group of  22 newspapers serving seven major regions of Quebec and Ontario, Canada: Chaudière-Appalaches, Estrie, Haut-Richelieu, Mauricie, Thetford, Victoriaville and Cornwall. They are the voice of thousands of citizens in their various regions.

As with many publishers, icimédias is experiencing challenges with enticing their digital readers to elevate their relationship from casual reader to actively engaged registered user. Says Marc-Noel Ouellette, General Director at icimédias, “our goal is to enhance the reader relationships while also collecting first-party data so that we can provide each reader with a unique and personalized experience”.

By integrating Viafoura’s Conversations, Live Blogs, Community Chat, Engagement Starter, Trending Articles, and Moderation solutions icimédias will have the means to drive new levels of engagement. Says Ouelette, “this will totally change our digital experience. We’re excited to enhance our relationships with our readers while ultimately driving unprecedented levels of conversions”.

Viafoura is equally excited to work with icimédias. Dalia Vainer, Director of Customer Success at Viafoura,  is quoted saying “we are looking forward to launching the Viafoura suite of solutions with icimédias! While they are already close to their readers, we’ll be taking engagement to a whole new level with personalization and first-party data”.

Daily Herald brings vibrant, interactive communities to its digital property with Viafoura

Many publishers experience challenges with enticing their digital readers to elevate their relationship from casual reader to actively engaged subscriber. The Daily Herald is a publisher zealously conquering this challenge.

The Daily Herald, suburban Chicago’s largest daily newspaper, provides up-to-date breaking local and national news. While they did offer commenting to their readers via Facebook, those comments appeared on and not – depriving the Daily Herald of building a dialogue between their staff and their readers. By moving commenting to their property, the Daily Herald now offers a healthy and vibrant environment that facilitates community interaction.

Mark Stallings, Manager of Digital Operations at the Daily Herald, discloses “we conducted several exhaustive rounds of analysis during our search to find a replacement for our current commenting platform. We had a list of must-haves for any new commenting platform, and Viafoura was among a small group of vendors that met or exceeded our criteria. First and foremost, we wanted a vendor that placed commenting and social engagement at the core of their business. They needed to be well established, with a proven track record of delivering best-in-class solutions with the following features: reader personalization, strong moderation, simple user management, comprehensible reporting and analysis, and easy integration. After narrowing the list, we talked to other publishing company staff and industry groups to help us make the final decision.’

With Viafoura’s Conversations, Live Blogs, Community Chat, Auto-Moderation, and Full-Service Moderation, the Daily Herald will be increasing subscriber revenue,  visitor’s time on site, the number of articles they read, and the number of times they return to engage with the content in a set interval.

Ensuring that the Daily Herald is successful and has an exceptional customer experience is Dalia Vainer, Viafoura’s Director of Customer Success. Dalia has the following comment regarding Viafoura’s newest partnership: “we’re excited that the Daily Herald has chosen Viafoura as its partner in community engagement! We’re looking forward to working together to create and grow a safe, moderated space that will provide peace of mind to internal teams and readers”.

Publimetro – engaging and growing new levels of community with Viafoura

Publimetro, Mexico, is a daily newspaper currently focused on Chile, Colombia and Mexico. It is one of several Metro World News Media Group companies that cover 14 countries, and 7 languages. Their unique and powerful content is a direct result of their specialized editors, who give their readers the best, up-to-the-minute coverage of national and international news, sports, and entertainment across multiple platforms.

Publimetro Mexico is looking to not only grow its audience, but to provide them with a personalized and engaging digital experience that will expand their time on site. Publimetro’s goal is to create an environment that will both engage and grow its communities, while enhancing its first-party data strategy. With the use of Viafoura’s full suite of services, including Conversations, Moderation, Trending Articles, Comment Counter, as well as Topic and Author Follows, Publimetro Mexico will be able to identify how users are interacting with the content as well as create new communities for those segments within its data ”.

With the active, high intent, first-party data now being collected through their engaged users, Publimetro Mexico will be able to diversify their revenue streams by building deep and valuable user segments that will drive in-line ad revenue.

“We are very excited to be expanding into Mexico and bringing secure, eclectic and profitable communities to Publimetro! We’re looking forward to converting users down the funnel and adding a new, growing layer of engagement”  says Dalia Vainer, Director Customer Experience at Viafoura.

The New Daily drives engagement, first-party data, and revenue diversification with Viafoura.

The New Daily
is an online, non-paywalled, Australian digital news site that was founded in 2013. It features content such as breaking news, politics, finance, entertainment, lifestyle, sports, and weather from Australia and around the World.

Like many publishers, The New Daily is keen to provide its readers with the opportunity to contribute their unique viewpoints to a vibrant and safe community. Ingrid von Bibra, Publisher, at The New Daily says they are “excited to increase user engagement whilst also providing their editorial team with valuable feedback and user insights”.

By implementing Viafoura’s Conversations, Live Blogs, Community Chat, Trending Articles, Topic Follows, and Moderation solutions, The New Daily is driving their first-party data strategy forward at an accelerated rate. With data generation now in hyperdrive, the team has access not only to traditional information such as PVs, Dwell Time, and RFV values, but extensive insight on user sentiment, interests, propensity, and community participation as well.

Viafoura is excited to be working with The New Daily. “The energy that The New Daily has brought to this initiative is palpable! We’re delighted to be their chosen partner for reimagining the audience experience and unlocking a new first-party data strategy” says Dalia Vainer,Director, Customer Experience.

As The New Daily continues to reap the rewards of Viafoura’s turn-keysolutions, nothing but positive outlooks remain for continued audiencegrowth, engagement wins, and revenue diversification.

Digiday Media and Viafoura – a next level partnership with fresh content formats, engagement opportunities, and analytics upgrades

Digiday Media is a publisher known for its frank perspectives across its media brands which include Digiday, Glossy, Modern Retail and WorkLife. Their unapologetic dedication to delivering work that prioritizes ‘honesty over spin’ and ‘quality over quantity’ has won them awards, accolades, and an audience of loyal subscribers who come to them for the truth.

As a global authority on tech and its impact on media, Digiday Media is keenly aware of the importance of providing an engaging and rewarding digital experience for loyal users. In order to enhance the experience for Glossy+ members, they’ve adopted a number of Viafoura’s solutions on, a space where users are craving deeper engagement experiences.

“We’re so pleased to be helping Digiday Media offer new and exclusive content formats and engagement experiences to Glossy+ members.” says Mark Zohar, President & COO at Viafoura, “As a longtime partner, we’ve seen firsthand how the smart folks at Digiday Media continue to improve the experience for its audiences, and we’re proud that Viafoura is now an active contributor to that strategy.”

The team at Glossy is using Viafoura’s digital experience platform to enhance the Glossy+ member experience by giving them exclusive access to new content formats and engagement opportunities. Using Viafoura’s Conversations, paying members will soon be able to take part in real-time discussions during Ask Me Anything events. These events, along with Conversations on traditional content formats, provide new opportunities for engagement, which can be carefully managed with the support of Viafoura’s Automated Moderation. On the back-end, Digiday Media will leverage the rich first-party data and insights uncovered through Viafoura’s Audience Insights to enhance its audience-first content development strategies.

“We chose Viafoura because it’s the best solution for our current needs and there are plenty of additional features for us to grow into as we evolve the user experience,” says Aaron Gottlieb, EVP, Product & Platform Strategy at Digiday Media. He continues, “Viafoura’s digital experience platform adds another layer of value and utility for paying members and will help us build and own the direct relationship with them on our platforms.”

After rolling out the new Glossy+ member experience, Digiday Media will be implementing Viafoura on additional properties, including Digiday and Modern Retail.

NPG partners with Viafoura, bringing new life to its digital properties and audience communities

News-Press & Gazette Company (NPG), a Midwestern American family owned and operated business, is a powerhouse in the broadcast television and newspaper industries. Having thrived in the ever evolving news and publishing landscapes since 1951, NPG is keenly aware that change is good for business – but not without its challenges. With Viafoura’s tools and expertise, NPG aims to turn those challenges into an increase in the amount of time visitors spend on their sites and an improvement in their overall engagement by giving registered users the ability to comment with ease and the option to follow topics and authors of interest.

In a digital world where audiences are largely anonymous, it’s tough to maintain spaces for constructive, informative, and open conversations without coming up against toxicity and bad actors. “As a media company, NPG has a vested interest in open and robust discourse,” says NPG’s Director of News and Marketing, Michael Fabac, noting that “At the same time, we recognize that some individuals take advantage of digital anonymity to spread misinformation and hate. Viafoura is helping us find a tenable middle ground by providing a platform that encourages engagement and civility.”

For NPG, integrating Viafoura’s Conversations, Automated Moderation and Full Service Moderation tools is helping them restructure their on-site commenting and introduce a fast-paced, safe, and engaging community experience on all their sites. After a smooth onboarding, Viafoura’s tools are live on nine of NPG’s sites and driving immediate positive results. Among the wins, NPG is seeing properties that had fallen dormant due to previous moderation strategies come back to life.

Watch as, one of NPG’s properties, introduces its new audience engagement solution powered by Viafoura:

NPG partners with Viafoura, bringing new life to its digital properties and audience communities

In tandem with updated community and moderation solutions, NPG is using Viafoura’s Audience Insights to gain a deeper understanding of audience interests and sentiments that could be used to further optimize audience-first engagement strategies. These insights allow NPG to serve targeted content to ideal existing and prospective registered users by using Viafoura’s Trending Conversations Carousel, even further improving engagement and time spent on their sites and pages.

As they continue to reap the rewards of Viafoura’s turn-key solutions, nothing but positive outlooks remain for continued audience growth, engagement wins, and limitless insights and learnings just waiting to be discovered in new found access to rich first-party data.

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