The Value of a Registered User

We compared the behaviours of several million users in two groups: registered users vs. non-registered users to help quantify the impact a registered user has on KPIs like pageviews, return visits, and time spent.

Registered users view 7x more pages per week and generate 5x more return visits per week compared to non-registered users.

Here are the results:

Per User Per Week Sitewide Pageviews Return Visits Attention Time per Visit
Registered Users* 14.38 10.96 3.98
Non-Registered Users** 2.90 2.25 2.55

*Sample 45,000 unique registered users
**Sample 17.9M unique non-registered users

We also found that registered users spend 56% more time on site per week in comparison to non-registered users.

What’s more, over 80% of all user registration occurs on pages that feature on-site engagement tools and user-generated content.

Leveraging Engagement to Grow your Community

By increasing the number of on-site engagement opportunities, you increase the chances of user registration, while also increasing the value of registration to the user.  So, when your audience wants to join the community, interact with other users, share your content, or opt-in for alerts, take the opportunity to prompt a user to register and benefit from the audience insights registration provides.

Simplify Registration and Build Value

Remove any barriers by making sure the registration experience is not only frictionless but that there is a value exchange.

Provide the options for your users to login effortlessly with their social ID or email depending on their preference. You can also prompt users throughout their journey to complete their profile and provide additional information as their activity builds.

Ensure a registered user can access all features within your community, whether it’s commenting, liking, sharing, following, or accessing paywall content. For best results, it’s important to empower your users to participate with a single ID.

And of course, having access to your audience data is key to making informed decisions that will empower you to engage, discover, and grow your audience.

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The Virginian-Pilot Empowers Readers and the Newsroom

Virginian Pilot Logo

The Virginian-Pilot, the #1 source of news, information, entertainment, and advertising in Southeast Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina, implements Viafoura Audience Development Platform across its digital property. The Virginian-Pilot’s easy implementation of Viafoura’s robust set of engagement, analytics, and user experience management tools, proves that audience engagement and community moderation doesn’t have to be a long and arduous process.

With Viafoura’s engagement and social tools, The Virginian-Pilot offers its readers an improved user experience with a frictionless social login, an easy-to-use article share bar for social sharing, and commenting to enable real-time conversations to unfold on its site. Its newsroom can access this first-party data and uncover the impact of engagement on attention time, social sharing, pageviews, and unique visitors all in its Audience Insights Dashboard. With access to these new insights, its newsroom can understand what are the best performing social networks, content, and sections.

“Viafoura makes it easier for our readers to share and discuss the news and events that are important to them. Now, it’s easy for us to tell what those stories and topics are, and to manage moderation duties.”
– Director of Digital Strategy, The Virginian-Pilot

In terms of community moderation, The Virginian-Pilot aims to drastically reduce its moderation efforts with Smart automated algorithmic Moderation (SaaM). SaaM gives The Virginian-Pilot a competitive edge with its 24/7 real-time commenting moderation using natural language processing and machine learning to detect and delete spam, negative, and abusive comments before they are seen by its audience and at a fraction of the cost of human moderation. With automated commenting coverage, The Virginian-Pilot can ensure its community standards are upheld to the utmost precision.

As a result, its newsroom can focus on fostering real-time conversations between reader-to-reader and reader-to-writer. The Virginian-Pilot’s Director of Digital Strategy confirms, “With Viafoura, we’re able to empower our readers and newsroom to engage around topics that matter to our community.”

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Download the Report: The Business Case For Engagement

Convert site visitors into paying customers by prompting visitors to gradually increase their engagement through the “Ladder of Participation.”

There is a definitive correlation between user engagement and conversion. As a user becomes increasingly engaged, they are more willing to pay for a digital publishers content or services. More importantly, users who are more active in the publisher’s online community make the subscription decision sooner compared with users who are less active (or not active at all).

A recent MIT Sloan Management Review study report, titled “Turning Content Viewers Into Subscribers,” asserts that engagement is the key to turning casual readers into paying subscribers, and the ladder model as an effective framework to boost engagement over time. Using what the research dubs the “Ladder of Participation,” publishers can prompt site users to progressively accelerate their on-site engagement to become paying subscribers.

“The concept of a ‘ladder’ demonstrates a user’s decision-making process, which is affected by his or her past experience with the website, and which expresses the user’s wishes and free will. The notion of the ladder is based on the idea that, as users become increasingly engaged with a website, they become more willing to pay for its services — and the website must take an active approach to engage and interact with its users, guiding them ‘up the ladder,’” says the report, authored by academics Lior Zalmanson and Gal Oestreicher-Singer.

“The concept of a ‘ladder’ demonstrates a user’s decision-making process, which is affected by his or her past experience with the website, and which expresses the user’s wishes and free will.”

Through each stage, this report demonstrates the correlation between a user’s placement on the proverbial ladder and their likelihood of converting into loyal, paying subscribers.

But not all engagement is created equal. “Liking” a video may not be as valuable to a publisher as a user who actively comments on content. The report provides a framework for engagement levels with three categories with varying degrees of value:

Three categories with varying degrees of value

  1. Content organization requires little effort from the user and helps fellow users receive useful information about the content. These features include the “like” button and options such as ratings (star ratings or a numerical scale), or tagging content with user-suggested keywords.
  2. Community participation includes all features that have the potential to create interactions among users on the website. These include chats, forums, internal blogs, comment options, sharing options, social or interest groups etc. These features form the basis of a website’s community and require low to moderate efforts from the user.
  3. Community leadership refers to features and options that put users in the drivers seat. These include options to initiate conversation, create new social groups on site, moderate the site’s discussions, and create content channels. It’s rare for traditional commercial websites to install such features, but they are common on websites that encourage vast community input, as these websites tend to delegate some, if not all, moderating tasks to users.

Three steps to guide users to increased engagement

Engage: Set goals for engagement
Identify how you need your current community to grow and evolve. Establish engagement KPIs you want to monitor, including attention time, time spent on site, and social interactions.

Discover: Know your audience
That means achieving an in-depth understanding of your audience, as well as what they’re reading, sharing, responding to, and who is actively involved in your community.

Grow: Establish your engagement ladder
Select participatory features (and order of introduction) based on your community and goals. Connect your KPIs and points of engagement (social interactions, comments, etc.) to the rungs of your ladder. And build a strategy to grow your audience, one that gradually encourages and motivates users to climb your newly built Ladder of Participation.

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Infographic: How to Win at Engaging Your Audience

Keep this infographic handy for tips on how to engage your audience like never before!

Learn why focusing on attention time and making the business case for engagement are key to engaging, discovering, and growing your audience.

Viafoura Attention Time infographic