Social Networking Software

Embed rich social features throughout your site to keep users engaged.

Personalized User

Personalized user profiles let your users create a site avatar, view their personal engagement history and keep up with who’s following them.

Notifications & News Feed

Browser-based push notifications alert users directly on their desktop or mobile device, even when they’re not onsite. The personalized, onsite news feed ensures notifications are ready for users to explore.


Registered users can stay up to date in real time by following the authors, topics and sections they like. This will enhance their onsite experience while identifying the site’s most followable content.

Trending Carousel

Re-circulate the most popular articles in your community to boost page views, ad revenue, and time spent on page across your online property with the trending carousel.

User Centered Features

User Flagging

Enable community wide moderation with built in features for flagging, likes, and dislikes. Allows for user badging so that members can be highlighted by moderators for meaningful contribution to your community.

User Muting

Users can ban and mute other members to personalize their experience in your community, going beyond just your community guidelines and offering a best in class user experience.

User-Generated Content

Take the most popular or meaningful comments and highlight them as content on your property.

User Preference Center

Enable users to manage their notifications across channels and content types.

Viafoura Preference Center and User Profile

Comes with all of Viafoura’s products


Encourage civil conversations around your content.


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Live Blogging

Provide coverage of live events and enable content curation of stories.


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Community Chat

Connect your audience, journalists and experts.


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Ratings & Reviews

Let users react to the experiences they encounter


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Ready to build a direct relationship with your community?