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Transform your live events into highly engaging online experiences that dramatically increase engagement, page views, and registrations.

Are you leveraging the
second screen experience?

Second screening, or multi-screening, has gone from a growing trend to an expected behaviour for TV viewers, of live events like sports and politics, who want to read and chat about the event with experts or moderators as well as with other users.

By providing your online audience with the opportunity to engage directly on your website or app (i.e. comment on what they’ve just viewed, chat with others watching the same event, ask questions of an expert, scroll through additional content, etc.) you can build a relationship and develop an engaged community on your owned & operated property!

Gen Z and Millennial viewers are most likely to use their mobile phones while watching TV:

94%Gen Z

Build active communities, create value

RDS, a leading sports television network, ran a live event using Live Blogs and Community Chat during the NHL draft lottery to drive engagement among its users. They experienced…

increase in commenters

increase in time spent in comments

more registrations

Philadelphia Inquirer’s Gameday Central created an intimate experience for sports fans to hang out and engage with reporters during sporting events. By simply implementing Conversations, they too had phenomenal results.

increase in on-site engagement

increase in registrations

time spent in comments on page


Personalize your live event with any combination of solutions

Using any, or all, of these solutions drives engagement, registrations, page views, and insightful data on your users.

Use Live Blogs to deliver insightful content on any event in real-time

Cover any occasion, be it elections, sporting events, live news coverage, or even a corporate session, by continuously updating your live feed. Whether you want to live blog a multi-day event or use Live Blogs on a single day, the choice is yours. Either way you have an open chanel to provide engaging content to your users.

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Enable your audience to engage with you and each other using Community Chat

Bring your attendees together at your next event by hosting a real-time Community Chat which enables registered users to have rapid discussions that present themselves in a real-time sequence – building an easy to follow discussion.

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Use Conversations to enable users to engage before, during, or after the event

Not everyone can be present during a livestream event. Give users the flexibility to engage with your company and other attendees days before, during or after the event – encouraging the community to flourish even when you’re not actively involved.

Our Conversations solution gives you the power to create highly engaging discussion forums – and, if you have multiple concurrent sessions, you can also promote all trending conversations between users in a single place through our recirculation feature.

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Engage and activate your audience with a Live Q&A event

Using our robust Conversations solution you can easily host a Live Q&A event with a moderator or a subject matter expert (sports journalist, commentator, athlete, celebrity, etc.) right on your own website.

Because you can schedule the Live Q&A in advance you’ll have lots of time to promote the event on your website or newsletters, or even have your audience submit questions in advance.

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Keep conversations civil and brand-safe during virtual events with our content Moderation 

Keep all participants including attendees, facilitators, and sponsors comfortable enough to voice their thoughts during your virtual gatherings.

Our AI-powered Auto-Moderation Engine goes beyond a simple banned word list. It actually helps enforce your community guidelines, custom-built to your audience, and their nuanced language. It also accurately moderates toxic content before it gets posted, reducing your total moderation efforts by over 90%.

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Drive personalization and deep audience segmentation with Viafoura’s unique real-time data

Send your data into hyperdrive by enriching a users declarative / first-party information with Viafoura’s unique data insights (i.e. like, dislike, sentiment, propensity, recency, frequency, and volume, etc.). Our data engine goes far beyond gathering simple data. With Viafoura you can:

Create detailed audience segments specific to your second-screeners who participate in live event conversations, for marketing future live events or related content

Drive conversion and retention with unique insights -by enabling attendees to tag their favorite users, writers or content and then leveraging data, such as sentiment, likes and dislikes, you can ensure you’re providing the right personalized content experience.

Measure real business results – through insights that capture attention, conversation interactions, and registrations generated.

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