Grow your community and let real-time conversations unfold directly on your site, backed with the power of Viafoura Automated Moderation and first party insights.

Enable an SEO-friendly and auto-moderated conversation to unfold without ever needing to refresh the page

Someone’s Typing Indicator

Show that your community is active and encourage people to join the conversation


Let users dive into the conversations through direct replies that exist in dedicated conversation threads

Editors’ Pick

Control the context of the conversation by highlighting the most meaningful comment at the top of the thread

Author Designation

Identify authors within the conversation to drive increased engagement

Custom Badging

Automatically apply custom badges to users based on subscriber status or activity level.

Viafoura is an evolved engagement solution that we didn’t know we were missing.

Mike Ferrari
Digital Development Manager, Swift Communications

Keep Your Community

Our tools come with social and personalization features that keeps them engaging with your content on your property.

Immersive Social Experience

Prevent Toxicity

Our Intelligent Auto Moderation Engine was designed by linguists and engineers to capture tone and recognize multiple forms of toxicity.

It is tailored to match your specific community guidelines to keep your community safe from hate speech, harassment and abuse.

Moderation for Civility

Reward Your Meaningful Contributors

Enable user badging and highlight editor picks so that you showcase the most meaningful comments in the conversation.

You Own All Your Data

Leverage your first party data through the Audience Insights Dashboard to understand engagement levels and grow reader and advertising revenues.

Audience Insights

In-line Ad Space

Viafoura’s flexible ad placement feature allows you to place your ad inventory within Conversations.

Working with your own ad server tags and yield optimization systems, it minimizes impact on overall engagement while maximizing the number of ads seen by active and engaged users.

Viafoura Ads in Comments

Trending Carousel

Re-circulate the most popular articles in your community to boost page views, ad revenue, and time spent on pages across your online property with the trending carousel.

Audience Insights


[Viafoura] provides an easy-to-use comment section for our readers, and at the same time gives our advertisers a new channel to reach those local, engaged users. Ad blindness is real, and this new position is a nice spot to mitigate that phenomenon.

– Mike Ferrari, Digital Projects Lead, Swift Communications

Learn How to Create Real Conversations

Learn how the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) creates real conversations below the fold in their webinar. CBC’s Senior Manager, Public Affairs and Product Owner, Web Presentation, as they discuss the different challenges media organizations face today when it comes to driving audience engagement below the fold and their success in managing a growing and evolving community.

Pairs Great With

Live Blogging

Provide coverage of live events and enable content curation of stories.

Community Chat

Connect your audience, journalists and experts.

Ready to build a direct relationship with your community?