Audience Insights

Unlock the value of your first-party data to discover actionable insights and make informed decisions

With Viafoura Audience Insights, you can quantify the impact that on-site engagement has on the metrics that matter including pageviews, attention time, loyalty, reach, and revenue – all in one central location.

How it works

Real-Time Engagement Metrics

Discover the impact of your audience engagement in real-time and the effect on attention time, pageviews, unique visitors, time spent on-site and more. We factor out the time-spent away from the keyboard or tabbed away from the page, for the most accurate measurements of engagement.

Segmentation Options

Identify the audience segments, stories, and social networks that are driving the most attention time on your site. Segment any data by author, section, timeframe, social network, article and drill down to see real-time and historic performance.

Social Sharing Analytics

See in real-time what stories are gaining traction, what social networks are successful in driving readers to your site, and how this traffic directly impacts attention time and engagement. We help you go beyond traffic metrics to close the loop and see the complete impact of social sharing.

Performance Reports

Generate and download reports to provide an overview of your site’s performance, or the performance of specific sections, articles for a selected time period.

Comment Velocity

Using unique indicators like comments per minute, you can identify high-potential stories before they peak (and long before they appear on your other dashboards), and amplify their performance through social sharing with a single click, straight from the Audience Insights dashboard.

Actionable insights that drive better business decisions

Our analytics dashboard gives your team actionable insights into your first-party audience data. It provides easy to interpret reports that summarize all of your audience data in one place, eliminating data silos.

Unlike traditional analytics, Audience Insights offers more in-depth data to inform your strategies around content, customer acquisition, retention, loyalty, community, and growth.

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