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Get first-party data to track engagement across your property and make decisions to convert visitors into paid subscribers and attract ad revenue.

There’s a lot to learn about your community and what better way to learn about your members than from their own words and interactions? A lot of useful insights can be found when you use these tools to learn from your audience’s comments

Viafoura’s audience engagement tools can help develop new and effective growth strategies for media companies, as these tools allow organizations to capitalize on their audience’s data.

Analyzing your audience and getting insightful information from your consumer base allows you to find new ways to take subscription strategies to the next level, which will improve the profitability of your publications. By analyzing the data correctly, you would also be able to find new ways to recommend content to your audience.

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First Party Data

Dig deeper into the behavior and interests of your core audience through user, engagement, behavior and preference data. All of this raw audience engagement data can easily plugin to your paywall, Business Intelligence, CRM and Data Management platforms.

Viafoura Audience Insights


Unlike our last comment system...we now own our data [so] we can run reports about user engagement. [Viafoura’s] API is evolved and allows convenient, consistent access to our data.

– Mike Ferrari, Digital Projects Lead, Swift Communications

Identify new ways to generate revenue

Analyze your entire community engagement data and compare it to your subscriber data. Extract behavior signals to identify new types of subscribers who are likely to register and subscribe based on their engagement patterns

Unlock the Four Fundamentals to Improve Audience Engagement

Viafoura explores data cultivated from over 600 top media brands and explains how audience engagement is an important metric for growth.

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