News Site Engagement Solution

Build, segment and monetize your community.

You need to move beyond just premium content to offer a best-in-class subscription experience.

The subscription transformation is sweeping the world of news publishers. To survive, publishers must deliver on a premium subscription experience.

Yet, 80% of digital publishers lack the ability to deliver on this modern consumer expectation.

Viafoura offers an end-to-end solution that enables engagement across your content, provides an immersive social experience, enforces civility and gives you valuable audience data.

We help you uncover loyal subscribers faster and convert more of your traffic.

Engage Like a Social Network

Add rich social features across your site that invites your community to follow content by their favorite journalists, trending topic or category.

Viafoura provides a personalized News Feed right on your site to serve up the content they’re interested in most and uses browser and mobile push notifications to keep them coming back.

These features are all designed to compel anonymous users to become known registered users and drive up return visits to your site.

Comments Are Your
Gateway to Engagement

“Consumer engagement is the most important piece of the revenue puzzle”

Greg Piechota, Global Expert, Digital Subscriptions

Embracing comments is a crucial first step to sparking engagement across your content.

We make it easy to invite users to comment on your content with our Conversations tool. Commenting can help you uncover potential paid subscribers faster and drastically increase the number of return visits to your articles, time spent on page and likelihood of anonymous visitors turning into known registered users.

Of course, opening your platform up to commenting comes with a big risk of inviting toxicity and trolls.

We got you covered in the next step.

Enforce Civility Across
Your Domain

Let us do the heavy lifting by keeping your platform safe from offensive, slow-to-post comments while you focus on what newsrooms truly love to do: creating reliable content.

Our sophisticated Intelligent Auto-Moderation Engine goes beyond a simple banned word list. It actually helps enforce your community guidelines, and triages 95% of incivility in milliseconds after the user clicks “submit”. This enables a fluid, real-time experience for your users and prevents them from coming across incivility around your content.

Our moderation systems protect users across all of our tools, so they feel safe enough to participate in real-time conversations around the stories you cover.

Tell the Story Live and Encourage Engagement

Looking to host live blogs and live chats for breaking news coverage or Q&As?

Not only do our tools give reporters an intuitive way to engage audiences, but you can also ingest social media streams into your live blog to keep users up to date on any topic.

Highlight Your Community

Encourage engagement on your platform by rewarding loyal community members with editor pick badges and by featuring trending comments. Besides prompting conversation among your community, brands that highlight user-generated content from their community can build a deeper, more authentic relationship with their audience.

Actionable Insights to
Optimize Your Paywall

Don’t rely on a one-size-fits-all paywall strategy.

With Viafoura, use your first-party data captured by our tools to craft the perfect paywall strategy. By hyper-activating your community, you’re able to bring more people to your paywall with personalized offers and messages.

Our industry-leading engagement tools allow you to understand your subscribers’ behavior signals and use that to identify groups that are likely to register and subscribe. Prompt these groups with personalized offers and reduce the likelihood to turn them away from your paywall.

We also provide you with extra ad space right within our engagement tools to help subtly prompt subscription offers to your audience.

Viafoura for News takes advantage of:


Encourage civil conversations around your content.


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Live Blogging

Provide coverage of live events and enable content curation of stories.


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Ready to build a direct relationship with your community?