Content Moderation Tool

80% of users will disengage with your brand when they come across incivility.
Civil conversations propel engagement of new visitors, builds trust, and fosters a community.
Viafoura ensures you can enforce civility across your community without driving up costs.

Viafoura cuts down your moderation costs by letting your moderators focus on highlighting the best of your community, not handling its waste.

Human moderation can get expensive when dealing with 100% of the toxic comments, abuse and verbal harassment found in online comments.

Our Intelligent Auto Moderation Engine accurately moderates toxic comments before it gets posted, reducing your total moderation efforts by 90%.

We also include an easy-to-use yet powerful Moderation Console, designed to increase the efficiency of your moderation team and enable them to focus on highlighting meaningful contributors ⁠— not toxic waste.

This also allows you to have an easier time recommending content to your audience which amplifies consumer interest and enhances their overall experience with brands.

Our intelligent auto moderation engine will also make sure that it won’t continue to block keywords that might affect the clear, accurate, and trusted feature that you are looking to provide to your audience like how some organizations are blacklisting coronavirus content.

Our tools are also effective in driving SEO with user generated content. We are one of the only major commenting and engagement platforms that natively support search indexing of our commenting tool.

Intelligent Auto
Moderation Engine

For Comment Moderation

Not all auto moderation solutions are created equal.

Our advanced, semantic pattern-based detection system is able to understand every possible variation of words and sentence structures to accurately moderate up to 95% of all comments, posts, reviews and replies.

This drastically reduces your human moderation costs.

The Intelligent Auto Moderation Engine is not a one-size-fits-all black box – it is customized to your community guidelines and uses machine learning to further train the algorithm.

Reduce Comment Moderation costs by 90%

Your moderators don’t need to deal with a majority of obviously uncivil content.

Deep Learning

Always learning and adapting to the nuances of uncivil content specific to your community.

Custom Tailored

Uses your community guidelines and policies to enforce all of it’s moderation decisions.

Easy Integration

Easily integrate with your existing commenting solutions.

Moderation Console

For Comment Moderation & Content Moderation

Use your human moderators to triage items flagged by your community and to highlight the best of your community.

Built by moderators for moderators, the Moderation Console offers avatar moderation, shared queues and time-based banning through a single, easy-to-use experience.

The Moderation Console is built to allow multiple moderators to work off the same work-space to maximize your team’s efficiency.

Viafoura for 100% of your Moderation Needs

For Comment Moderation, Content Moderation & NEW Social Moderation

Take a completely hands-off approach with moderation. You can outsource 100% of your moderation (including Facebook and Instagram) to Viafoura to keep your community protected from spam, duplicate posts, harassment and verbal abuse.

Our Intelligent Auto Moderation Engine and specialized team of content analysts across North America will work 24/7 to eliminate the spread of toxicity and enforce your specific community guidelines.

Viafoura Moderation

Works Best With:


Encourage civil conversations around your content.

Live Blogging

Provide coverage of live events and enable content curation of stories.

Community Chat

Connect your audience, journalists and experts.

Ratings & Reviews

Let users react to the experiences they encounter.

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