Community Chat

Drive real-time conversations around trending topics, live events, or streaming video – all moderated automatically in real time.

No need to refresh the page


Users can mute other users to personalize their experience.

Direct Replies

Allow users to reply to other chat messages


Invite the author, sports announcer, athlete or any special guest to be identified with a custom badge next to their username.

Real-Time Safety

Detect clear violations of your community guidelines before chat messages are even posted

Real-time troll

Even during a real-time conversation, our Intelligent Auto Moderation Engine will parse through any message right at “send” and triage the message immediately (with a 90% success rate).

Moderation for Civility

Easy to activate and manage

You can instantly start and end a chat, flag and disable messages all through the front end of the tool. No need to access a separate back end portal.

Built to understand your audience

Capture all the first-party data from your community chat to understand user engagement levels. Use this data to identify meaningful contributors for badging or members that are ripe for subscription offers.

You can place Community Chat in a variety of locations on your site including:

Inline with the Article

Within the Sidebar

In App

Pairs Great with


Encourage civil conversations around your content.

Live Blogging

Provide coverage of live events and enable content curation of stories.

Ratings & Reviews

Let users react to the experiences they encounter.

Ready to build a direct relationship with your community?