Drive loyalty, return visits and engagement with the Viafoura personalization suite. Content and engagement follows keep the conversation going, while onsite user news feeds, alerts and browser-based notifications keep users up to date and coming back.

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Personalized User Profiles

Improve engagement by giving users a more personalized experience on your site. Personalized user profiles let your users create a site avatar, view their personal engagement history, and keep up with who’s following them. They can keep track of the topics, authors and content they’re following, making changes as their interests evolve.

Viafoura User Profiles
Viafoura Follow Features


By following the authors, topics and sections they like, registered users can keep up to date in real time, enhancing their onsite experience while identifying the site’s most “followable” content. The Viafoura Preference Center ensures control always stays at the user level.

Notifications & News Feed

Stay engaged with readers, while keeping users up to date on their preferred content. Browser-based push notifications alert them directly on their desktop or mobile device, even when they’re not online, while an onsite personalized news feed ensures notices are ready for users to explore.

Viafoura Notifications
Viafoura Preference Center and User Profile

User Preference Center

The Viafoura Preference Center lets users manage the authors, topics and content they prefer and receive notifications when new content is posted — either directly through their desktop, mobile browser, email, and onsite news feed. With control in the user’s hands, nobody’s overwhelmed with messaging.

Viafoura User Personalization Pairs Great With:

Real-Time Commenting

Allow real-time conversations to unfold directly on site, to create a highly engaged community

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Data APIs

Gain audience insights and access to first-party data to drive better outcomes and make better-informed business decisions

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