22 Apr Big Data Week Toronto Tech Talk 1: The Kick-Off

To start off Big Data Week this year, there will be a kickoff Tech Talk at Viafoura’s own office, on Monday May 5th, where we’ll be discussing the Big Picture in Big Data. We are pleased to welcome two guest speakers and veterans of the big data world, Pete Forde and Joy Robson. Pete Forde is the founder and Chief Technical Officer of BuzzData, a data visualization system that helps communicate data in a simpler way, allowing teams to easily share and store files, visualizations and analysis on a cloud network. Pete is also the co-founder of Unspace Interactive (@unspace) and is based in Toronto, Canada. Pete started the very first Ruby on Rails consulting company in the world in late 2004...
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12 May A Deeper Look At Google Glass: Monetization, Competition & Personalization

The Internet was in an uproar the other day after Google announced that developers would be unable to both charge for and advertise in apps for Google Glass, their wearable computer. Naturally, this stirred a debate; how would Google be able to foster its main business (ad sales) with a new product that seems to shirk them? Eventually, news came to light that this would likely be changed in the future, but it’s still interesting to think about both sides of the argument. On the Side of Developers Without a way to monetize their creations on the platform, developers may not find the Google Glass project attractive. Everyone is entitled to payment for their work, but only the biggest companies...
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