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Provide coverage of live events and enable content curation of stories through a stream of external and social content directly on your site.

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Journalists need the right set of live blogging tools to provide simple, curated and real-time coverage of events as they happen. Content providers can utilize Viafoura Live Blogging to generate positive ROI and encourage real-time conversations as they unfold.

Social Media Ingestion

Showcase social media content related to any hashtag, keyword or username while enabling users to stay up-to-date on breaking stories and join the conversation as it happens – all while still staying on your site.

Audience Participation

Users have the opportunity to actively participate and engage in the conversation as it unfolds through likes, shares and safe Automated Moderation replies.


It’s Time For Your Newsroom to Start Live Blogging, Here’s Why

Live Stories give journalists the power to leverage their own content from the field, as well as share and give commentary on what is happening across social and hashtags as the news is breaking.

Real-time streaming Never miss a beat and allow users to read new posts without needing to refresh the page.
Pinned posts Pin individual posts to the top of the live story to ensure that all new visitors will see it.
Engage Users can share, like, dislike, or reply to content and other users creating a more engaging experience.
Replies Real-time conversations can unfold around your live coverage with the protection of Viafoura Automated Moderation, the only platform with a safety guarantee.
Social ingestion Easily incorporate social feeds to continue the conversation on your own site.

Cost effective and easy to integrate, Viafoura Live Blogging drives real-time, live engagement, all within a safe, protected environment.

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