Live Blogging Platform

Cover a story live or simply ingest your social feed to create fresh content your audience can engage with in real-time.

Read new posts and replies without needing to refresh the page

Easy to Engage

Cover the story with community participation, where users can share, like, dislike or reply to content and other users

Social Ingestion

Curate conversations happening on Twitter to spark engagement on your own property


Your community can reply directly to content in your live blog, all auto moderated in real time

Not Disruptive

Users can choose to jump to new posts, or skip to the top of the live story coverage already in view, without interrupting the live-streaming experience.

Pinned Posts

Focus on what matters in the story and allow posts to be pinned to the top of the live blog. All new content comes in below the pinned posts


We have found a ton of value in utilizing Viafoura's Live Blogging for Tropical Storm Imelda. It's become a great place to include short updates, social media from our reporters and a social feed from others.


Live Blogging to
Encourage Engagement

Live blogging has been a newsroom staple for years, but many tools don’t put a focus on user engagement and serve as a one-way channel to the audience.

Viafoura changes that. Our Live Blogging solution is designed so that users are encouraged to reply, like and share every post. Your community can follow the live blog and get push notifications to bring them back to your property and keep them engaged with your coverage of the story.

No More Overage Fees

Pull in unlimited social media content related to any account in real-time.

Moderation for Community Safety

80% of visitors will be turned off by your coverage if they come across toxic posts. That’s why we made sure you can cover the story in a fashion that will encourage engagement, not detract from it.

Our Intelligent Auto Moderation Engine will reduce your Live Blogging moderation costs by over 90% by automatically blocking obviously uncivil content.

Moderation for Civility

You own all your data

Access engagement metrics and first-party data in real time to optimize your next events.

Audience Insights

Built for In-field Reporting

Focus on the story at hand, with the flexibility to post from mobile or desktop.

Your staff doesn’t need to learn a new tool to produce or moderate a live stream, they can do it right on your property.

Additional Engagement Tools


Encourage civil conversations around your content.

Conversations Encourage civil conversations around your content.

Community Chat

Connect your audience, journalists and experts.

Community Chat Connect your audience, journalists and experts.

Ready to build a direct relationship with your community?