Automated On-site Moderation

Uphold your community guidelines with 24/7 real-time commenting coverage

Built with natural language processing and machine learning, Viafoura’s smart algorithmic automated moderation can detect and eliminate spam, hostility, abuse, personal attacks and other uncivil discourse around the clock, while upholding your community guidelines in real-time.


How it works

Automate Moderation

Automatically detects and hides negative and uncivil comments including personal attacks, political hostility, and vulgarity

Reduce Workload

Significantly reduces the volume of day-to-day human moderation actions necessary to manage your online community

Gets Smarter Over Time

Built-in machine learning algorithms means the system gets smarter over time and provides a consistent level of quality

Natural language processing and machine learning are game changers for community moderation. → Read More

Uphold the 4 Cs of Automated Moderation

Viafoura ensures your community guidelines are upheld to the utmost precision with the 4 Cs of Automated Moderation:


SaaM’s algorithms automatically block unwanted comments more effectively and cost efficiently than human moderation


There are millions of ways commenters can hide spam, abusive language and profanity. SaaM accurately uncovers unwanted content/language and blocks it


With automatic moderation around the clock, users can engage in ongoing civil interactions in real time without fear of online abuse or harassment


SaaM reduces the time and expense of human moderation, while supporting the growth of online engagement and the community

Grow a vibrant and civil community

Moderation is top of mind as media companies aim to drive engagement, manage their community, and create a positive user experience. Up until recently, staying on top of comments and growing community engagement has proven to be a burden — but that doesn’t need to be the case with SaaM.

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