Say goodbye to Live Comments, Say hello to Conversations

The upgraded version of Viafoura’s universal Java Script transforms our old Live comments into Conversations. The Conversations product is the culmination experience and research we have gathered over the last 4 years from across 600 media brands by millions of users.

Viafoura plans to have all customers on Conversations by March 1st, 2020

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Viafoura's Conversations are Optimized for Ease of Use and Engagement

  1. Increased Speed – ensure that on site community tools have minimal impact on page load times
  2. Increased Engagement – make commenting more engaging and conversational to help build a more active community
  3. Stronger Safety – make commenting safer and more inclusive so more people feel welcome to participate

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Sleaker Design

New cleaner comment box style


Configurable featured tab to promote and highlight the best comments

Pinned Posts

Pinned posts allow you to post a framing question for the community

Drill Down Threads

New mobile-friendly threading system and ability to drill into threads within threads


Improved reply context indicators

Smarter Notifications

Mention notifications to facilitate real-time conversations

Real-time Typing indicator

shows active engagement and keeps people on the page

Easy Comment Engagement

Reward Your Meaningful Contributors

Showcase the best comments using editor’s picks badges. This allows you to present the best face of the community to casual viwers and set the bar for your expectations from your community.

Conversations allows you to showcase the comments your community likes and define dymaic rules to load comments by popularity, recency or pinnned posts. Conversations is designed to involve the newsroom and staff in the cultivation of a quality community.

You Own All Your Data

Leverage your first party data through the Audience Insights Dashboard to understand engagement levels and grow reader and advertising revenues.

Audience Insights

In-line Ad Space

Viafoura’s flexible ad placement feature allows you to place your ad inventory within Conversations.

Working with your own ad server tags and yield optimization systems, it minimizes impact on overall engagement while maximizing the number of ads seen by active and engaged users.

Viafoura Ads in Comments

Make the move to Conversations before March 1st. Contact your Viafoura rep at today!