Community Flagging

Empower your community to shape their experience and promote higher quality discussions

Community Flagging lets users tailor their experiences and have control over the type of discussions they have with your content. As part of the Viafoura Civility Solution, community members can improve the user experience in order to have quality online discussions around the topics that matter to them.

How it works

Community Management

Empower your community to help manage the discourse themselves through flag threshold disabling of comments

Badges & Promoted Comments

Give your best commenters “trusted user” badges and incentivize quality comment by promoting the best comments on your website

User-to-User Muting

Allow your users to mute other users they don’t want to interact with, so that their community experience isn’t ruined by a few bad apples

User Moderation

Uphold your community guidelines to encourage positive and inclusive discourse

User Moderation lets you monitor and manage user profile avatars, display name, and emails to adhere with your community guidelines. As part of the Viafoura Civility Solution, you can create a safe environment for online conversations and promote higher quality comments and engagement.

How it works

Email Verification

Validate your users and impede multi-account creation with our sophisticated email verification system

Display Name Moderation

Ensure that the display names on your site are not being used to post objectionable content

Avatar Verification

Moderate user profile users to prevent obscene or objectionable images from being posted

User Banning

Give short “time outs” and inform users of why they are being banned to help them improve

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