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Graham Media Group Empowers Online Communities with Viafoura

Graham Media Group
implements the Viafoura Audience Development Platform across its seven digital properties to uphold its commitment to celebrating local communities and giving voice to the stories that matter.

“Viafoura is a much needed and welcomed enhancement to Graham Media Group, improving the user experience and increasing audience engagement across our sites,” said Jon Beard, Director of Digital Product Development.

“Having a single platform to support all our audience development needs is a key strength to empowering our newsrooms and unique local communities.”

Graham Media empowers enables on-site interactions with a frictionless user registration, an easy-to-use content share bar, and real-time commenting across its websites. Viafoura’s engagement tools further allow users to create a personalized experience and receive real-time notifications for breaking news, social activity, and new followers.

Benefits to Graham Media’s new capabilities include:

  1. Social Login
    Removes barriers to site entry to build direct relationships with audiences
  2. Article Share Bar
    Increases social sharing and drives traffic to its websites
  3. Real-Time Commenting with Social Sharing, On-site Notifications, and Automated Moderation
    Enables real-time conversations to drive engagement, increase time on site, and increase interactions across users, authors, and content
  4. Follow Feature and User Opt-In
    Facilitates user opt-in and drives a personalized user experience
  5. Browser-Based Push Notifications
    Notifies audiences directly with breaking news and personalized alerts

Graham Media’s moderation efforts are drastically improved with Viafoura Smart automated algorithmic Moderation (SaaM). SaaM provides 24/7 real-time moderation using natural language processing and machine learning to detect, flag, and eliminate spam and abusive comments before they are seen by online audiences. These algorithms ensure Graham Media’s community guidelines are upheld to the utmost precision across its seven digital properties. Jon Beard confirms, “We’re able to focus on participating in the conversation and rewarding positive discussions across our websites.”

Connect with us today to learn how Viafoura can help you engage, discover and grow your audience.