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Viafoura Audience Engagement

Real-Time Commenting

Allow real-time conversations to unfold directly on site, to create a highly engaged community of authors, readers, influencers and subscribers. Real-time commenting enhances audience engagement, while Viafoura’s brand safety guarantee ensures a brand-safe, civil environment for both users and advertisers.

Viafoura Real-Time Commenting
Viafoura Live Stories - Rich Text Capabilities
Viafoura Live Stories - Rich Text Capabilities

Live Stories™

Enable live coverage of stories and events by publishing a live stream of content with external links and embedded social posts. By showcasing social media content related to any hashtag, keyword or username directly on site, live stories let users stay up to date on breaking stories and join the conversation as it happens.

Viafoura Ratings & Reviews

Live Chat™

Connect users, journalists and experts in a fast and real-time way that’s intuitive and mobile-friendly. The one-of-a-kind SaaS tool lets you offer your audience quick and easy live interactions targeted around site content, videos or live events – all backed by Viafoura Automated Moderation.

Viafoura Ratings & Reviews
Viafoura Ratings & Reviews

Ratings & Reviews Beta

Using a five-star system, ratings and reviews let users react to the experiences, places and products they encounter — adding reviews and sharing links, images and videos. Results are updated in real time, for a quick, constantly changing visual cue of how users are connecting with onsite content.

Viafoura Conversations™ Pairs Great With:

Automated Moderation

Uphold your community standards in real-time

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User Personlization

Create a personalized onsite experience to drive engagement, loyalty and trust

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